Jan 26, 2009

Snow Boarding

(2 of 7) Saturday Afternoon 1-24-09, Joel and I went snow boarding in Fort Wainwright Birch hill ski resort. I did good.. Thanks to my husband, he was patiently helping me learn. The weather was around 0 when we got there. The sunset was beautiful and the camera battery's dead. We only got 2 pictures. I had fun but I'm really sore right now.

Jan 21, 2009


The amazing formation of the the clouds and the sun shining on it had gave me the reason to stepped away from my disk and captured it. The clouds that look like eyes reminds me of the character in Star Wars, Yoda. 
When I got home, Joel showed me the picture he took of the clouds from the outside of our house. Without him knowing, I captured the same image at work.. 
Above was the picture I took and below was Joel. 

Jan 19, 2009

Ice Fishing

(1 of 7) The experience was priceless. For $28 rental fee for Ice House, we had worry-free ice fishing. The ice house had 4 fishing holes and a wood stove. We got our limits for just 2 hours.


After the ice tubing, we went to UAF and watched the fireworks. The fireworks was for the 50th year of Alaska's statehood celebration.

Ice Tubing

I went ice tubing with my friends and my husband in Fort Wainwright ski lodge last Saturday night. We had fun especially the weather was warm.

Jan 15, 2009

Stolen pictures

I went bowling with the School District league. My number 1 admirer secretly took this picture of me. Poor picture though, he could have done better..

Jan 14, 2009

Moon Lovers

01-10-09 My unsuccessful photograph of the full moon.
This photos were taken in 01/09/09 at 10:20am. It was darn cold and foggy but the moon was just gorgeous

Jan 9, 2009

Lake Sebu

My niece sent this pictures it was taken during their trip to Lake Sebu after Christmas. I wish I was there.
That's my brother.                                                My cousin Mishelle
My nieces  Gretchen                     and                          Gwendolyn (sibling)

Jan 7, 2009


Seven things I wanna do before the spring comes. I know it's too cold to do anything outside right now but I'm longing for some excitement. 1. Northern Lights Pictures - I wanted to do this for sometime, but haven't got to do it. 2. Ice Fishing - soon I hope 3. Down Hill Ski - I need to relearn how to do it coz last time I did it, I ended up breaking my right knee. So this one is maybe but it's on my list. 4. Snow Boarding - I wanted to do this very much... soon I hope 5. Sledding with kids - as soon as the weather get a little warmer, I'm going.. 6. Snow Machining - I had a blast last time and I want to do it again but I need luck with this because we don't have one. 7. ?? don't know yet!

Jan 6, 2009

-45 degrees Fahrenheit

Took this picture on our way home from work. This pictures will be my reminder someday on why in the world I live here in Fairbanks in the winter---- in a darn, long, cold, dark winter.

Jan 3, 2009

New Years Eve

For the first few minutes Abby and Farcom were patiently waiting for Joel. But after half an hour or so, they got bored. Joel's flight was late. I left the house about 9pm. He was supposed to be at the airport by 9:04 but no, when we got home it was almost 11pm. I'm just glad that we didn't spent the new year at the airport. Anyway, I was proud of myself, I cooked dinner..yey! We ate right at midnight, just like what we always do in the Philippines.
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Sunset in the San Juan Islands

Joel took this picture from his mother's backyard.
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Fairbanks Temperature

We have 3 devices with one source of weather info for Fairbanks but which one is right?
The Ipod touch says -41, the Iphone says -47, and the laptop says -49. Anyway, whatever, it's still cold.
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