Sep 14, 2009

Loreto Gasmin

I'm sad, it hurts, my heart is breaking. I'm looking forward for my Mom and Dad to come visit me here in Alaska. Sadly and unfortunately my Dad will not make it. He just passed away. I'm not sure if my mother still wants to come here, I wish and hope she will.. We are all hurting and needing prayers. Please help pray especially for my mom, we are all worried about her because of her heart condition. I'll be off for awhile and probably can't post for few weeks. Joel and I are going overseas to see my dad for the last time and be with my family and friends. I love my Dad and I'm hurting so much because I didn't get to talk to him when he was still in the hospital. :(( He loves cooking, I was hoping to learn from him when he gets here. :((

Sep 10, 2009

Finger Mountain

This is what it says here: Finger Rock - A Landmark Through Time Hunters knew of the rock, when shaggy mammoths and bison roamed the surrounding hills. The rock marked a premier location to watch for game. Hunting continued through countless generations. Later, peering down from wind wracked cockpits, early bush pilots used the rock to guide their way home, since the granite 'finger' points directly to Fairbanks. Today, Finger Rock marks a unique habitat, scenic vista and wildlife viewing site for people traveling the Dalton Highway. People and The Land Athapaskan Indians and their ancestors hunted wildlife in this area to supply their everyday needs: hides for clothes and shelter; bone for tools; horns and antlers for adornment; meat fat and marrow for food and fuel. What an awesome place. Finger Mountain is located on 96 milepost Dalton Hwy or about 175 miles from Fairbanks.

Sep 7, 2009

Labor Day 2009

Our Labor Day started with just going out shooting in Stile Creek, about 46 miles from our house. I didn't do well, I need more practice shooting, well, it has been few years since the last time I've use the gun. After I've used all the bullet we had, we took the dogs to the river. That's Joel putting up the targets On our drive back to town, we past the Donnellan's on the side of the road. We turned around and found out that they were heading up to hike the Angel Rocks trail. Joel and I ended up going hiking with them. We had fun, the children were great and fun to be with. Mr & Mrs Donnellan with Frank, my cute godson. I have learned something from this hiked. Atty. Barry asked how many kinds of rocks are on the earth...Oh my oh my, my head hurts thinking and trying to find out, but I knew I don't know. Anyways, he said that there's only 3 kinds of rocks, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Igneous - pumice, Metamorphic - marble, Sedimentary - limestone. Now, I'm passing along what I've learned. :-) Gorgeous friends.

Arctic Circle

YES! I finally crossed the Arctic Circle. It was a good trip up there especially I didn't have to drive. Joel drove all the way and back. Arctic Circle is about 196 miles (315 km) from Fairbanks and most of it is rough road.. Joel had driven the Dalton Highway to the North Slope (Prudhoe Bay) and he had crossed the arctic circle few times. He knew that there's not much out there to see but vast wilderness, he took me there anyways without any hesitations. Cost to get there $78 for gas, $15 for snacks and coffee and priceless for having Joel in my journey. On our way out there, we saw a lot of hunter's trucks and trailers by the road. It's hunting season here in Alaska. We also passed several truckers. If any of you have seen an ice road truckers TV shows, boy! those guys have guts.. My hands and feet were sweating from being nervous on those roads and the road doesn't even have snow in it yet. I can't imagine being in that road in the winter.

Yukon River

Yukon River is the biggest and longest river in Alaska. To find out more about it go to Approximately 136 miles from Fairbanks to the Yukon River bridge. It is about at least 40 miles of rough road on the Dalton Highway. There are a few spot of pavement here and there and it just enough to make you appreciate it. I found it weird though to see a sections of pavement in the middle of nowhere. The pipeline and the scenery are gorgeous, especially the leaves are turning colors. Motel by the bridge. If you plan to come here, make sure to bring a bunch of snacks because this is the only place you can get something to eat for at least 100 miles.

Sep 5, 2009

Fun in the sun 9/5/9

Joel's back now here in Fairbanks. He said it's no fun being down in Washington without me there, and I said yes of course, life is boring without me. Our labor day weekend started with floating on the lake. Abby and Farcom enjoyed swimming as always Mr Sims of course my blog would be boring without my picture in it so here I am... That's Farcom swimming towards us and me was so hot, I'm afraid to get dark.
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