Jan 30, 2010

Information Overload

and with a strep throat. That's what my life is right now. Throat still hurting but I'm feeling better.

Jan 25, 2010

I am no Monkey

I just love climbing up in a tree, Ok!
Growing up in the farm, far from civilization, no electricity, no TV, I have found a hobby that I think I would never grow out of. For me, nothing can be more rewarding than eating a fresh fruit from a tree that I just climbed on. I've also proved that hiding and Running away from washing dishes, climbing up to the highest tree with lots of leaves to hide, works, I've done it! oh silly me..I know..

Here, I was climbing Tiessa fruit tree (Yellow Sapote in English name) The fruit taste good but not my favorite

Mango Fruit tree in the front of our house in Surallah.
Jackfruit tree in Laconon at my Aunts yard

Jan 19, 2010

Excedrin + Avocado

 Durian fruit tree in our farm

We had an abundant supply of avocados when I was growing up.My dad planted several fruit tress around the house and in the farm.. Too much avocados that just fell and rotten on the ground. In fact,  I won't eat any if it's not made the way I want..So buying avocados up here in Fairbanks is killing me, first, it's so expensive $2 a piece or so and second, it doesn't taste as good..
Anyway, I woke up this morning with a terrible headache, it was so hurt that I had a teary eyes, I believe it was a sinus headache.. Joel got up and gave me 2 Excedrin capsule and half of avocado. I can't take any medicine without something in my stomach or else it would create more problems.. I had a hard time eating that plain avocado this morning (early this morning, yikes!) but I had no choice otherwise..I was thought I won't be able to come to work today but after few minutes from taking those medicine, my headache went away. I'm hoping that it won't come back today, or tomorrow because I might get sick, sick from eating avocado early in the morning..

Jan 18, 2010

Something Different

Hello Monday goodbye weekend! My last post is making me feel sad and depressed so I'm posting something different for a change.

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Jan 15, 2010

Haiti Disaster

My heart cries out for the people of Haiti.  I was watching the news last night and I just can't help myself but cry. It is very devastating calamity....but there is hope.


Jan 14, 2010


My friends and I went to two Christmas party in one night, Dec 19, 2009.. We had a blast. We first went to ESSA party (Education Support Staff Association) and then we went to FILAM party (Filipino American Association)

From left, Jasmine, Marissa, Dana, and me. This was at the ESSA party at Pikes lodge.

Me and my Friend Tonya

At the dance Floor in Pikes Lodge
At the dance floor in Pioneer park exhibit hall with FilAm party
 Me, Marissa and Ruffa.
 My godson, Frank, was at the FilAm party too.

Jan 12, 2010

Tropical Skin

I went to my Dermatologist today because my skin have some colorless patches and I don't know what it is.. Anyway, she told me that I have a gorgeous skin and would be perfect if I live in a tropical area. She said that I have what's it called Pityriasis Alba, a common skin disorder. It's not bad and it's not contigious. All I have to do is to keep using my moisturizing cream and flucinonide ointment and it will eventually vanish.. However, I have other idea though, I could just move out of this cold cold State and go to a place where its warm.. I think I like that better..The Winter up here is just too dry, too cold and too long that makes my skin go crazy and so do I...Well, someday soon, I will be out of here..

Jan 11, 2010

Bible Study Gathering

My friends asked me if they could hold a bible study in my house. Without hesitation, I said yes... but they need to bring food or else they'll go hungry because I don't cook. Well,  I surprised myself, I did cook chicken adobo and baked whole tilapia and it was good. I guess there is hope for me yet!
Joel made dirty rice (fried rice with broccoli, mushrooms, green onions, tomatoes, etc) a bit spicy but I like it that way.. We had more than enough food, besides of what we cooked, my friends and family brought a bunch of food over. It was amazing!
Our bible study topic was, judging others; Matthew 7:1-12.  who we are to judge others? who we are to judge something that we didn't make or made? we are unique individuals and we are sinners. So, who are we to judge? It was a good topic.

 He is cooking!

 Aunt Marietta eating

 Jasmine and Michelle
 Marissa and Annalisa


Left: Jean, Marissa and Jasmine


Jan 8, 2010

LED Lights

All the Christmas lights we have are LED but there was one dancing lights on the street on New Years Eve that I believe was not LED. The lights that everyone don't like to see ... Cop's car. Well, our neighbor was enjoying the fireworks in his yard which is illegal because the city had banned the fireworks within the city limits. Oh well, he had a good show anyway..