Jan 23, 2013

A Blessing Indeed!

After 14 years of marriage, my husband and I been blessed with a baby boy who is now 4 months old. We thought we never could have any offspring. It didn't bother us before that we didn't had any baby for the past years. But now, we sure are grateful for this wonderful blessing. Our precious, we named him Alan Gasmin Sims.

April 4th of last year, I went to obgyn for a check up because I've been feeling tummy discomfort. I been having that discomfort for the past 2 months, I thought it was just a gas or something like that. But as I was walking in the clinic, the receptionist asked me,"how many months?" I told her that "Oh I'm not pregnant" After so many years, I was not expecting to be pregnant. However the doctor said that I should get a urine test. I did that and after a minute we found out that I'm indeed pregnant. Pregnant! really! I couldn't describe how I felt that moment. Overjoyed and excited I couldn't hold my tears. I told the doctor that I been married for 13 years and this would be our first baby. After my check up, I rushed home and Joel was waiting for me wondering what is going on with my tummy. I told him the good news and he was smiling from ear to ear and the first words that came out to his mouth was, "I'll be old when the baby reach high school" and we laughed together. Being pregnant was not sinking in right away, it seems like I'm just having a good dream. Anyway, after couple of weeks, I went back to the obgyn and found out that I'm already 14 weeks pregnant. I didn't have any morning sickness or something that's why I didn't know that I was pregnant then.

In May, we found out that we are going to have baby boy, so the finding of baby boy name started. I told Joel how about Alan and he said sure, named after his little brother's middle name, Geoffrey Alan Sims who died at 2 years old. Anyway, we settled on that name and use Gasmin as his middle name. Gasmin was my dad's last name and my last name but became my middle name when I got married and now it's Alan's middle name. It's how we do it in the Philippines, a very good way to tract down family. 

I didn't have any problem with my pregnancy, baby was pretty good inside. I've been traveling here and there and never gave me any trouble but in September 12, 2012 my water broke and it wasn't time. We still have 6 weeks to go before my due date. But I gave birth that day and we found out that my husband little brother (Geoffrey Alan Sims) was born on September 12 too, it was amazing. Not only we choose his name but gave birth on his birthday too.  Anyway, I had a c-section because the baby was breach, that's why my water broke because he kicked it. Alan was only 4lbs 12oz, he spent 17 days in the hospital under NICU. My husband and I spent 17 days too in the hospital checking up on Alan for at least every 3 hours.

We thank God for intrusting us this baby. We pray that we can help him grow with love, fear, passion, and compassion for Christ.He surely is a wonderful blessing to us. and he rules my life now!

Alan at new born 4lbs 12oz

He was on feeding tube for at least 14 days

We brought him home from the hospital on my birthday, What a Gift!

At the hospital, taking care of him

Alan at two months
Last day at the hospital. Tired of waiting for the doctor to discharge us.

Alan at 4 months
His first snow encounter

Couple weeks before I gave birth

Jan 17, 2013


In July last year my husband and I took a short trip to Singapore. Since it was our first time there, we really had a difficult time trying to figure out how to get tickets for train/bus and how to use it. So in order to get to our hotel we had to ride a train then a bus. We figured out about the train and rode on it but when we got to the bus stops we got confused. There were so many buses, so many people, and we don't know which bus to take. We asked around but people seems to not know what bus we should take in order to get to our hotel. After several minutes of confusion, we decided to just take a taxi. Taxi fare wasn't that bad at all.  But once we figured out how to use the tickets and what buses to take, it was great! Riding trains and buses was the cheapest way to get around Singapore.
When we are checking in in our hotel, we couldn't find my husband's passport. oh boy! we lost his passport. So the next day we went looking for Police Station to report his lost passport. But we spent almost all the day trying to locate  the police department, we asked so many people even taxi drivers couldn't direct us to any. I guess police aren't that popular there. It was Friday and we need to find his passport because we are flying out Monday morning. Anyway after so many hours of looking, we finally found one. However they couldn't help us unless we know what my husband's passport number and fortunately we didn't know the number. We finally went to the US Embassy in hoping to get a temporary passport but it was a blessing, someone found the passport and called in. We are so glad we didn't know the passport number because once they run a report of that lost passport, he couldn't use his passport anymore and it would be more trouble. We got his passport back from the person who found it. Bless him for doing the right thing and for simply caring. He said he found the passport on the ground at the bus stops.
We love Singapore and thought of going back there someday. Here are some of our photos from the trip.

 At Jurong Bird Park

 We went to Presbyterian Church that Sunday. That church was the oldest church in Singapore

Jewel Box at Mount Faber

Cable car ride  from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island
Went to see the Underwater World at Sentosa Island

Jan 15, 2013

At it again.

It has been a year since my last post and so much had happened since then. I'm now back in Fairbanks, Alaska after almost a year of staying in the Philippines. I got my dog (Abby) back from the good people who took care of her while we were gone. Anyway, I'm hoping to post regularly again. Warmth weather today causes the school to closed.. crazy huh?!

My hubby was shoveling the snow