Nov 25, 2015

Trip to Tinglayan, Kalinga Province

Trip to Tinglayan, Kalinga Province is long, steep, deep and winding road but the views are amazing! It is only 197 kilometers from Baguio but it was the longest 197 kilometers we've ever driven. Our average speed was 25 kilometers per hour. It took us more than 9 hours with few stops but we couldn't drive faster on those roads. It was hair-raising driving through there especially at night. Some of the roads are damaged due to landslides and  the roads are down to one lane.

It was an awesome adventure, a great journey, and a priceless experience. Thanks to our friend Haidee Abay for inviting us to her home and to her family. Also thanks to her dad, Ferdinand Abay, formerly mayor of  Tinglayan, her mom a business woman, her brother Charlie who is running for Vice Mayor and Charlie's family, thanks for a warm welcome, for giving their time, for great hospitality and for taking care of us. It sure made our experience awesome and we are very thankful. We stayed there for 3 nights. I will make a separate post for our white water rafting and spelunking trip.

Nov 19, 2015

No Problem with NAIA

After our delayed flight to Manila, we still had a good trip. We didn't had any problems going through Manila Airport,  in fact it was the most easiest and fastest I've experienced going through there.  No problem with NAIA custom, no long lines, no waiting! I guess I can thank the Apec Summit, we may be delayed but it made it easier for us to go through NAIA.

Nov 16, 2015

Flight cancelled due to Apec Summit in Philippines

After 13 hours in the air,  we finally arrived at Taipei International airport. Sleepy and tired and our flight to Manila got canceled due to Apec Summit that is going on right now in the Philippines.
We spent at least half an hour at EVA Air information counter making sure our baggage are checked in all the way to Manila. We also got issued a boarding pass for 1 am flight and that's about 18 hrs waiting time at the airport. 18 long hours with a toddler!
We have a choice to go outside the airport and get a hotel but my mom has no US passport. So for her to go outside, she has to apply for a visa and on top of that, we have to take all our checked in baggage with us. All 8 bags weighing 50lbs each plus our carry on bags, Oh what a hustle! So we decided to just stay in the airport.
Anyway, for our inconvenience the airline gave us meal  vouchers that are good for lunch and dinner. I know its not their fault that our flight got cancelled, in fact the EVA air employees had been helpful assisting us. It's the Philippine Government who canceled flights coming in to NAIA in Manila. They could have diverted us to other international airport in Philippines. So what should the Philippine Government do to make up with the inconvenience and expenses to all the travelers affected, not only inbound but outbound travelers too? Stand by for my next post.  We'll see if they also tax us at NAIA custom for gift items we are bringing in for our friends and family. 

#Philippine Goverment

Nov 15, 2015

Finally, we are on board now leaving Fairbanks, first day of our trip to Asia. 

Nov 9, 2015

5 years ago, Blue Jay and Squirrel in the yard!

It has been 5 years since I took this pictures out in the yard in Bellingham, Washington. I miss this place. Different kind of birds and several squirrels came everyday to feed and it was  fun watching them.

Nov 6, 2015

Footprints in the Snow

I wonder what kind of bird do we have in our front yard this morning. It left pretty nice footprints in the snow.