Mar 21, 2016

What makes it hard to get back to work?

I love my job! being a career seasonal employee, it gives me opportunity to spend few months out in a year with my toddler, to be home with him everyday and not to worry about work.
Today was my first day back to work and it was so dang hard to leave home this morning. It breaks my heart hearing and seeing my boy, pouting and crying and keep saying "no work mommy no work, daddy work" My husband works far away from home and I think that my son is worried that when I go to work, he may not see me home at night that I'll be gone like daddy. It's hard for my husband too being far away from his son. I know my son will get use to it sooner or later but leaving him home is what makes it hard to get back to work.

Mar 15, 2016

The Doctor Said, Eat Greek Yogurt!

I didn't understand at first why the doctor said it has to be a Greek Yogurt that my little boy needs to eat. My boy has an on and off cough and we've been to doctors many times but it seems to be that his cough wasn't going away. I'm glad that I took him to Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. It's been a week now and my boy is feeling a lot better. And since he started eating greek yogurt, he's not constipated anymore. He now have a regular bowel movement. If I only knew sooner that only a greek yogurt can help him, we would have not gone through all the troubles we did, and he would have not felt the pain just by going to the bathroom. I told the doctor that we ate regular Tillamook yogurt everyday, but he insisted that I'd get greek yogurt. I'm glad I listened to him. And of course, I still got him Tillamook brand because love the taste and trust their products to be the best.

Mar 10, 2016

Conversation with My Toddler about Mommy needs to work

It's funny seeing my toddler's reaction every time I told him that mommy need to go to work. He doesn't like it. He said "Daddy work monny no need to work" he still calls me Monny.
Breaks my heart though but in a little more than a week, I'll be back to work. I'm glad though that I'm a career seasonal, I don't have to work year round. I have few months to stay home with him.

Watch the video of our conversation

Ice in our yard

Mar 7, 2016

Light Hair Day!

This is what my boy's hair looks like when the sun is shining on it. Light hair day!

Mar 6, 2016

Cough and Cold, My Little Boy Sick Again

Couple weeks ago, my husband and I took our little boy to the ER due to his coughing and breathing hard. He was getting better but couple days ago he started to have cold and coughing hard again. It seems like he has a hard time getting over his coughing. Last night he even have a little fever but one thing I'm glad is, he hasn't lost his appetite to eat. We have doctors appointment on Monday, hopefully the doctor will be able to point out why my boy hasn't got over his coughing.

I bought him this Vicks Steam Vapor to help relieve his coughs. And I think it does help because I don't hear him coughing when I have it on at night. Although, he keeps waking up, crying, talking, and moving throughout the night. I hope he feels better soon.

Mar 4, 2016

How to play with Catch-Me-Kitty?

Here I come, I'm on the run! Catch me, catch me if you can. I'm a kitty who like to play. Take me, catch me, you'll have fun, ready, steady come on lets run.
Watch the video of my boy catching his catch-me-kitty V-Tech toy. He got her good and he doesn't have to run! It was funny watching play with his toy.

Mar 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Happy Birthday  Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr. Seuss!
Took my boy to the Library for Preschool storytime today for the very first time. He did enjoy our time there. We celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday there by listening to the storyteller reading us Dr. Seuss books. The first book she reads "Green Eggs and Ham" Dr. Seuss was challenged to write a book with just 50 words and sure he did with this book Green Eggs and Ham.
The second book was Foot Book and the last one I don't remember the title of the book. I searched online for that book but couldn't find it either. Anyway, after the book reading, we made a hat that's look like from the book "The Cat in the Hat"
Watch his short video making the hat.

Mar 1, 2016

My Little Boy First Dog

After a year that our beloved Abby was gone, my husband and I decided to adopt another dog for our son, Alan. We went to Fairbanks Animal Shelter to see what they have and there's a dog that we're interested in. So, we did the 15 minute visit with the dog but my little boy showed no connection or interest to that dog. So we decided to wait until we saw an add on Facebook and this is what is says:

1 1/2yr old female
"Took her in and now it's time for me to find her a permanent home. Pm for more info.
Edited: She's not fixed and she has a lot of energy. So, she needs to go to an active home preferably with a fenced in yard. She needs a lot of exercise and attention. I have two fixed males that she gets a long with great. She's gentle with my baby and super protective. This won't be the first come first serve. My husband and I want her to go to a forever home. We will take her back if things don't work out."

What got my attention was "she's gentle with my baby and super protective" and thought she is what we need for our little boy, gentle and protective. Although, my husband wanted a small dog this time but he's okay with her. She's big but not as big as Abby, but she's still young thought.

It took us several days before we went to met her. Few people ahead of us who wanted to see her but didn't go through. But we are glad because now we have her. When my boy first saw her, there was an instant connection between them. We took her home with us for a trial run but we fell in love with her and we are keeping her with us for good. Our new family member, Sandy!

Sandy is some sort of Lab mix. She is smart, gentle and yes protective. When my boy cries, she goes to him and then start howling and she won't stop until he does.The people who foster her, take really good care of her and loved her. They are still in contact with me, even offer me if we ever need a setter for her, they will do it. Their two dogs were sad when they couldn't find her when we took her with us. Sandy was sad too on her first couple nights here at home but she eventually got use of being around us.

Watch this video of my boy and his dog, Sandy!