Jun 27, 2009

Updates From Bellingham

A view from the living room. 
Me chasing deer off the garden
Baby deer wondering around
Just an update on what's going on down here. I wanted to post a blog everyday but the internet signal is very bad using the internet wireless modem.  I'm hoping to get this posted before I get cut off again. 
Anyway, that's my Mother-in-law and next to her is her best friend Donna, who flew up here from other state. Behind Donna, from left is Joel, Jeanne and Bruce (siblings) Jeanne and Bruce already left and Donna just left this morning, so it's just me, Joel and a hospice nurse who come checking up on her now and then.

Jun 23, 2009

My Mother-in-law

I'm in Bellingham, WA right now with my husband. My Mother-in-law is not doing well. She has been in ICU for few days and yesterday they release her home. She have hospital bed at home and all the stuff she needs to make her a little comfortable. She's in pain but she rather go home than stays in hospital. However, we are in the outpatient right now because there's something wrong with her feeding tube. 
My brother-in-law is here and my sister-in-law will be down here tomorrow. Please continue to pray for us.

Jun 18, 2009


Jump from the deck - to trampoline - bounch to water, yep! that's how it works. . I guess.
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Jun 16, 2009

House For Sale

Finally.... This was the reason why I haven't post for some time. I have been busy with the house work and get the place ready to sell. Boy, it's a lot of work, moving, packing, cleaning, fixing, organizing and more. Our house is a duplex, we live downstairs and our friends are renting the upstairs unit. . I hate to leave but I think it's time to move on.
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Jun 10, 2009

Brenda Smith

We had a late Birthday Party in the office for Brenda because our boss was out-o- town. She said she's only 25 yrs old and always will be... I think I'm going to agree with her, just on this one.
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Jun 5, 2009


Thank God It's Friday! It has been hot here in the office, the air condition is not working and we don't know when its going to get fixed. Almost everybody here is whining, well, except me. 80 deg F is quite comfortable for me... There are so much stuff going on this weekend (house work, 5k walk/Run, Garden, Party) and I don't know what am I going to do first. Hopefully, I'll get something done. Joel is home for only 6 days and leaving on Monday; 2 days left to do a bunch of work in the house. Oh my oh my! I fired him too because he has been goofing off. We can only appreciate the beauty surround us if we stop focusing on ourselves.
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Jun 4, 2009

Chena River Float

The weather was warm and the sun was out, It was a good evening. For Brenda's Birthday, we floated down from Pioneer park to Pikes landing and it took us almost 3 hours. Brenda was nice to me, she let me use her tube that has cover on the bottom, my butt didn't get wet. Even though the weather was warm, the water is still icy cold and both Brenda and Fred got wet because the tube they used is open at the bottom. We had fun and I want to do it again. It's so relaxing! Gary pulled us with his boat because we were getting cold and hungry.
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