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Our 2020 Travel Has Officially Began

We are now out of -30 degree Fahrenheit temperature, from a cold weather Fairbanks Alaska to the Evergreen State Washington. Although the weather here is not that warm but it's a lot warmer compared to Fairbanks. We left Fairbanks the night of January 16th. When we arrived in Seattle we rented a vehicle big enough to haul our all our luggage. On our way to Bellingham, there was a  lot of slushy snow on the roads. We arrived in Bellingham around 530am.  The storage  facility where we left our motorhome was not plowed. Joel tried to drive through the snow but got stuck. He ended up buying a shovel and had to shovel for over an hour just to get his way out of the storage facility. He was tired after all that flying, driving, then shoveling the snow. After we bought stuff we needed in Costco and returned the rental car to the airport, we drove down to Thousand  Trails in La Conner. This is where we are going to be for a few days. Flying over Seattle  Our luggage Our J

A Night Drive thru University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF)

The temperature was in negative degrees Fahrenheit but the northern lights forecast was somewhere around 5 KP. It was late at night when my husband and I decided to go for a drive up to University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) in hope of seeing northern lights shows from there. The skies was clear with lots of stars but there's also so much city lights pollution. We stayed awhile but didn't see any colors in the sky. Therefore, my husband and I together with our son Alan, decided to drove out of town and it was a good decision, we did see some northern lights shows. Anyway, here are some pictures I took on our drive thru UAF that late night in December 2019. The roundabout at UAF We might have not seen the northern lights up at UAF but the moon was awesome!  The moon lights University of Alaska Museum of the North

New Year's Celebrations in Fairbanks Alaska

 I love the new year's celebrations not just because it's the start of the new year but it's because I love to celebrate it with lots of fruits, desserts and some foods that are known to be lucky to eat on new years day. And of course I love spending it with my family. Fruits and Flowers to welcome the New Year! For dessert we have angel food cake, sapin sapin (sticky flour with shredded coconut on top), macaroni salad, sesame balls, pumpkin bread, big bread, biko (sticky rice with sugar on top), suman (sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves, puto with cheese, pande coco (yellow round bread that has coconut filling), ubi bread (purple yam sweet bread),  Hopia (mung beans bread) and chocolate crepes.  Pulled pork that my husband made. We decided for this instead of ham. I haven't had any pork for a while but since it's new year celebrations, I made an exemption. Stuff for pho soup Bake whole bangus (milk fish) Pineapple salmon bake



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