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Midnight Sun Run 2011

I had such a great time last night running the 10K Midnight Sun Run. I did the race for 59 minutes and some seconds. There were at least 3500 registered runners and walkers and I've seen a lot of people that I have not seen for a long time but most of them are just cheering on the side of the road and having a good time. It was a great and fun night and the weather was awesome too.   Warm-up before the race The Finish Line click here to see the rest of the pictures Midnight Sun Run 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

I' m so proud of you Father for you have a heart like no other always gave a lending hand even for the people who did you harm You were so loving and forgiving so quite and didn't say a thing but you were counting my wrong doing one two three if I keep making them I get the whipping I tried to get my way  for I know you love me and I'm the youngest baby but you were tough on me for you only wanted me to better someday You were a preacher, adviser, singer, and a cook I may not have inherit any of those but I'm glad you were an adventurer for you have open my eyes and not afraid to explore what's out there You were a father not only for your children but for every one who needs a home and a loving care for I have remember even an older had respected you like their own father  I am sad for I won't see you any longer but I know you are with God the Father "Well done my son, job well done"  for I'm sure that's what he greeted you when you arriv

7 Tunnels Through Fraiser Canyon, British Columbia, Canada

These Tunnels are part of the Trans-Canada highway project and were constructed from 1957 until 1963. Yale Tunnel - about 938 feet or 286 meters long. It is the first tunnel going north . Saddle Rock Tunnel - about 480 feet or 147 meters long Sailor Bar Tunnel - about 950 feet or 292 meters long Alexandra Tunnel - about 951 feet or 290 meters long Hell's Gate Tunnel - about 328 feet or 100 meters long . The only tunnel that does not have lights Ferrabee Tunnel - is the same distance long with Hell's Gate Tunnel China Bar Tunnel - about 2,300 feet or 700 meters long. It is the longest and last tunnel going north.

Wondering in Bellingham with Prof. Stephen Cysewski

It was an awesome experience and a pleasure to wonder around Bellingham, Washington with my Photography Professor, from Fairbanks Alaska, Stephen Cysewski. If any of you are interested to know and learn about Steve and his wonderful work in photography here's the link Stephen Cysewski. Here are some of the pictures I've taken using my Sony dslr A100.  Bellingham's Original City Hall From left to right: Steve,  his daughter, and Joel

Gone Missing

I am so upset and sad that we lost Mr. Kong in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. We spent the night at the Mile 0 RV campground. The thing is, anywhere we go, Mr Kong wonders around but he always comes back. He would whine at the door and won't stop until we let him in. Well, this time he didn't come back or maybe couldn't come back. We look and look for him and waited for few hours but he is no where to be found. He might have gotten into someones RV and got locked in or something. Mr. Kong has microchip so if someone  ever turn him in to the found or shelter, they will know who he belongs to. I just hope that he is being feed. I miss him so. W e walked the dogs in the park and Mr. Kong was walking with us too Tired walking and wondering around

Up for the Next Chapter

We finally sold our house in Washington and now we are back in Alaska but for only a month or two then we head to Philippines.



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