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My two Kinds of Cabbages

I planted two kinds of cabbage this year in my garden. One are small and the other are huge and still getting bigger.

Huge Marigold from my Garden

I have never seen this kind of marigold before, they are tall and have huge flowers. It took a while for them to grow and have flowers but its sure does worth the wait.  Big marigold flowers and some cut flowers I cut to take to work Pretty easy to grow, even with a crowded place in my garden, My marigold plant flourish and produce huge flowers.  Huge Marigold from my garden to my workplace.  From my garden to my workplace, my huge beautiful marigold. It sure does bring happiness and joy in my heart. 

What I ate at the State Fair?

I just had to do it. Been thinking about it since they opened. Tanana Valley State Fair started last week and will end this weekend. It was warm and sunny after work today, so we decided to visit the fairground and eat the food I've been craving for. Elephant ears and kettle corn Old fashion pretzel with cheese Huge Turkey leg with bbq sauce Although, we didn't do much but ate, I felt so satisfied with my visit to the fair.

Almost A Head on Collision

On our way back to Alaska from California, driving through Canada, we almost got a head on collision due to this reckless driver.



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