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Filipino New Year's Traditions

One of the tradition is to have 12 round fruits place on the table on new years eve. It signify an abundance and successful year to come and also that there will always have food in the house. I never done this before, so this will be fun to find out.

Naughty Angel

Brenda gave me the angel for Christmas then she gave me the lumps of coal (chocolate) this morning... I just don't know what is what. oh well, I guess I can be both. What the hey, I can be a naughty angel.

Something from 33 below

These are our Christmas lights outside. 12-29-08

LED Lights



The newest addition to our family, Farcom . He is 7 months old, a jack russell terrier mix. Joel adopted him from the animal shelter right on Christmas eve. Smart puppy but needs some training. 12-27-08

Clean up your mess

When you make a mess, clean it up. It's like, when you cook dinner, wash the dishes too. It was a goooooood dinner. Thank you my sweetheart.

Perfect gift

What can I say, this is sooo really me.. yep.  any objection?  A Christmas gift from my good friend who really knew me..Thanks Brenda.

Shortest day of the year 2008

That's Joel taking pictures. I thought I'd share these pictures since I don't have any new ones. was taken last year in Las Vegas.

God Syndrome

Bossing myself is a lot of responsibility. I can't even handle it sometimes. Really! it's too much.. Now, Joel is coming home it means that I have to boss him around too.. Oh man!! Well, I guess I don't have too. No I don't, I'm a good girl I am.  It's amazing though that there are people who wants to be in control of everything and everyone. I wonder, maybe those people doesn't like themselves so much that is why they want someone else's life to control. Pity.. I pity those people who are control freak. Life too short to be miserable.  this picture was taken from the Grand Canyon Skywalk last year. It was our 9th year wedding anniversary trip. 

Biggest & Brightest Moon in 15 Years

Even though the sky was not clear, it sure was bright outside. I love the moon. The beauty of the moon is far beyond my vocabulary.  I used not to like the moon because of the horror stories I've heard when I was growing up. But since I got married, I became fascinated by it. My fascination begun when we live down in Valdez. Joel and I drove many times from Fairbanks to Valdez (vice versa) during winter time. It was dark outside but the moon, oh yes, the moon gives light into darkness. We've travelled many miles, miles of miles of nothing but wilderness, but the moon was still up there. It somehow gives me comfort knowing that were not alone. Someone somewhere is looking at that moon at the same time.  I also think that we are like the moon. We have a dark side that we don't let people see it.   I took this picture on my way home from work. It was about 4:51 p.m.  12-12-08

Sliced of cake

I heard the door but I didn't see anyone coming, I got up from my chair to see if someone needing help but instead I found a slice of cake on my counter. Sneaky!  I don't know who brought it to me but thank you whoever you are. I was hungry so I ate it all. :) 


Too many compliments... too many.. well, it's not because of the flowers, yes the flowers are gorgeous but the main compliments were that I'm married now for 10 years and that I look young.. I don't know about looking young.. and no, I didn't get married when I was 8 or 9 years old. I got married when I was 18 to a wonderful guy named Joel Sims. Dec 12, 1998 was when we got married in the Philippines. Philippines is 1 day ahead of us, so we got to celebrate our wedding anniversary twice, the 11 th and 12 th . Joel had this flowers delivered to me at work. I love it! I'm sad though because his not here to celebrate our 10t h year wedding anniversary but it's OK there's always next year. He couldn't come home because his not due for his R&R.

Flu shots??

2 days in bed, sick ,was no fun especially being alone with dog, cat and fish to tend to and of course myself. I still don't feel good but I got to work yesterday, today and hopefully tomorrow too. I was told that the reason I got sick because I didn't get a flu shot. No, it's a big NO, it's not right, because Norma and Brenda got a flu shot but they were sick too. Brenda gave these cookies to me from the cookie exchange. I was going to participate in, but I had no support, Joel was not here and still not here. I couldn't do it alone, I'm so helpless!!! 12-10-08

ESSA Christmas Party

Saturday the 6 Th of December, I wasn't feeling well. Norma and I went to Valinda's house for cooking show party. I'm glad I went to that party because I learned something new (how to diced onions) nah! I learned more than that. The party went well, we had chicken fajitas. At 7pm my friend (Marissa) and I went to ESSA Christmas Party. The place was so small and so crowded but we did managed to have fun. I think it was about 11 pm when we left the party and went to my friend's house (Loida). They were still up and the kids were so happy to see us. We visited for almost an hour. I got home a little before 1am. From left: I forgot her name. I just met her. Then theres me, miss Ruffa and miss Marissa.


So today his not a trouble maker with the capital T but his.... I don't know about that. Someone made it for him though.

Letting go

After work today, I went to see Keno at the Animal Shelter. I went there undecided if I want him back or not. The staff there told me that there were 2 people already interested of adapting him once he become available... oh! those words made a lot of difference, it lighten up my heavy heart. I don't want something bad to happen to him. I just hope that the new owner will take good care of him and give him lots of attention. I will check back at the shelter in a month to see if he still there, if he is, I will adapt him again.  Letting go is hard to do. This picture was taken yesterday around 10:50 in the morning.  12-03-08 


My retard dog managed to get out of the gate last night. He is in the Dog Found right now. To claim him back it'll cost me $60.00 now I'm facing a difficult decision, should I claim him back or should I not. He is a lot of maintenance, not house broken,  when his outside he shit  right in front of the house, he tore my couch, my vacuum, and other stuff, and he is retarded. On the other hand, my other dog, abby, doesn't whine as much as she used too, she stayed outside longer , she plays with him now and then, she didn't cry when we were gone for few days, they keep each others company. Keno was just fun to played with because his retarded, he can't even stand straight on the floor. However, Joel once told me that I'm not being fair to Abby because of keno I'm changing her way of life. I don't cuddle up with her anymore and I had her stay in the garage with keno and not in the living room with me.  I adapted Keno last August, he was just 7 months old. I l



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