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Baby Birds on My Lilac Bush

I was watering my big lilac bush and saw something moves. I stopped what I was doing right away and went investigate. I was amazed seeing a birds nest with baby birds on it. But I felt bad also for getting them all so wet. These birds are sure are living uptight, at least 5 of them on that little nest. I've also found an empty bird's nest on my other lilac bush. I'm so glad seeing and hearing them on my back yard.  This empty birds nest has my dog's hair on it, and lots of them. A Souvenir I guess. I really do miss my Abby! I'm just enjoying the nature!

5K Color Run in Fairbanks, Alaska 2015

The happiest 5K run on the planet, The Color Run! It really is a fun run and lots of colors. I didn't run this year because I'm on call at work and not only that, I'm also out-of-shape. I did it last year and I had a really good time with my friends. Weather is really nice today in Fairbanks, a good day for the 5k color run.  I did enjoy watching them as they run from the starting line to the finish line with colors all over them. Alan had a good time too especially with the bubbles.  This is my favorite one. The father and daughter run. Here's my video of the Color Run in Fairbanks, Alaska 2015. Enjoy!

I Hate Leaving Work Late

I LOVE going to work early, that's my thing, I like to have some time to set my stuff up, get my work station ready, get coffee, use the restroom and whatnot. I don't like the rush. When the clock turns at 8 am, I want to be ready and start working right then. However, when there's love there's hate also. I HATE leaving work late. When the clock turn at 5pm, I should have everything turned off and ready to head out the door and go home. When it is time to go home, it's TIME to go home! I don't have problem staying in late, I can stay as long as you want me be, but if I'm not getting paid for it, now, that will irritate me badly. I know that if I'm getting paid for staying in late it is because it's important. Therefore, unless I'm getting paid or I've chosen to stay in late, I don't want to mess up my going home time.  I guess it's all about balance and my day was out of balance today because I didn't get to get out right at quit

Sun Picking Through the Clouds

On my way to work this morning. The sun was shining and picking through the clouds.

Playing with Sidewalk Chalk

My toddler loves playing with the sidewalk chalk. I'm glad we have concrete ground in front of our house.  I love the shadows on the ground.

BBQ for Memorial Day Celebration!

Happy Memorial Day! Today we celebrate and honor the brave men and women who sacrifice their lives for our country! Freedom is not free! Here's my boy eating pork BBQ and watermelon.

Lemon Price in Fairbanks

I cringe when I saw the price of lemon at the store yesterday. I guess I'm back in Fairbanks, Alaska! When I was in Washington, I've started drinking half a lemon juice every morning soon after I get up. The price of lemon there (the big ones) were 69 cent each or I can get a whole bag (10 lemons)for about $5.99 so cheap. Will, the price of lemon at the store yesterday was $1.29 each and for organic $1.69 Oh My Gosh! I know living up here is expensive, I guess I'll just have to deal with it. sucks!

Playing at the Park "Not Yet"

There's a community park a couple blocks away from our home. When I got home from work, Alan and grandma was waiting for me outside. So I decided to take Alan to the park. He had a good time and he plays along with other kids. When there were just the two of us left in the park, I asked him if he wants go home and his answered was "Not Yet!" I been hearing that words a lot from him lately. When his shoe fell off and I put it back, I asked him to say thank you and again his answered was "Not Yet" Waiting Patiently Here's a short video of Alan playing at the park.

Knives are sharp!

I thought I'd share this because I found it funny. Knives are sharp,  duh!

First Day of Work as an Administrative Assistant

I was a little nervous going to work today, first day as an Admin Assistant, I didn't know what to do and to expect. All went well though, I felt welcome, and the supervisor was very helpful and nice. Although there's a lot to learn but I know I can do it. However, I don't like answering phone calls but I guess I will have to face my fears. There were 3 of us that started today and guess what? I got the desk where the main phone for the department or the building is located. That means I will get most of the calls. Oh well, I just have to face it. I will learn to love answering phone calls ;-) Today was just an orientation day. The actual work won't happen until later this week. Just keep thinking positive and be confident.

My Toddler is a Traveling Trooper!

The night before our travel back home to Alaska, we were at my sister in law's place. My toddler didn't or wouldn't sleep before we left about 11pm. On our way to the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, he slept the whole way but that was only a little over an hour drive. I was hoping he'll be tired and sleepy when we get in the airport but I was wrong. He was up until we were inside the plane and ready to fly out. He slept the whole 3hrs ride. I woke him up when we got to Anchorage airport with no problem, he just got up and start walking. We waited for another hour at the airport and got into another plane with no problem. Train ride to N Gate I'm so proud of him. No fuss or muss! he was behave and very good. He made the trip very pleasant. Considering he only had an hour sleep before we got to Sea-Tac airport. We were there before 1am and didn't leave until 6am. He Slept another 3 hrs on the plane and stayed up until we got home. He really is my little traveling tr

Bittersweet Leaving My Husband and the PNW

We had been busy for the last few days, packing and getting ready for the trip back home in Alaska. Today, is a sad day for us. We had to leave my husband here in the Pacific Northwest. He works down here and I got a very good work opportunity back home that I could not or would not pass it out. I know I can't wait to be back working but I'm sad leaving my husband here, far away from his boy:-( I have  also fallen in love with the great Pacific Northwest (PNW). We had four and half great months of staying down here. Love it!

Happy Mother's Day to all Women!

To all women out there, whether you have an offspring or not, Happy Mother's Day to YOU! I believe that mother's day celebration shouldn't be only for women that has kids. Some women who didn't or can't have kids are someway, somehow, one way or the other are being a mother to someone. They Maybe helping or taking care of  their nieces, nephews, cousins, neighbor kids, friend's kids, or to some kids that they don't know their real mother is, or simply a mother to their pets. It took 13 years before I got pregnant, and with all those years I kind of not happy during Mother's day, it's because most people only sends their greetings to mothers. I know I didn't have any kid on my own then, but I had few kids that I was taking care of. So it's kind of unfair to only greet the mothers. That's why I'm so thankful for our church #First Presbyterian Church of Fairbanks, Alaska because there we greet and celebrate the mother's day with a

Tire was about to fall off the Van

On our way to Seattle yesterday, we heard this sudden funny noise from our van but we kept on going to our destination. Once we arrived, we got busy and forgot about it. On our way back home, that noise keep getting louder. By that time, we decided to stop and check it out. Oh my gosh! the tire on the front right hand side was about to fall off. My husband tried to tighten the lug nuts or stud, the first one broke off and the second one he checked was broken too, in fact, all of the studs were seems to be broken. Thank God for keeping us safe and nothing bad had happened to us. It was about 7pm when we stopped and we were still about 45 minutes away from home. Car rentals were closed and so were the businesses that can fix our vehicle. We were so thankful for my husband's cousin (Jackie) for rescuing us. And also thankful for the Food Mart Chevron Station in Burlington for letting us park our van on their limited parking lot. Burlington Cop also tried to help us but we were far b



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