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Zipline in Seven Falls, Lake Sebu

Our trip to Lake Sebu indeed up ziplining in Seven Falls. It was a blast. The Seven Falls zipline is the highest zipline in the Philippines with 590 feet high. It took two thrilling rides to reach the end. The first ride is 2427 feet long and the second ride is shorter 1377 feet. The view was amazing. Too bad I forgot the cd with pictures of my rides. But anyway, the ride fee was 350 pesos per person, the fun and experience was priceless. Me and my cousin Benjo My Nephew and my God-daughter The second waterfalls The First of Seven Falls #ziplinelakesebu Here's a short video of our trip to Lake Sebu Seven Falls

Yakimix Eat All You Can

My brother invited us to eat at the popular eat all you can restaurant,Yakimix in GenSan City. Almost 2 hour drive one way just to eat dinner at this restaurant, but it was well worth it though, thanks to my brother and his family.  My husband got in free because his birthday was within 10 days, that's the restaurant policy. My niece's birthday was within that 10 days too but she didn't have her ID with her so she didn't get in for free. The fee was 500 peso per person and I believed my little boy was free. The staff at the restaurant sing and dance and also give special cakes for birthday celebrants. My mom and nephew My son and niece My son and nieces and nephews  #Yakimix

Xtra Special

I don't have anything for A to Z blog challenge for X so here it is, xtra special. These pictures were taken from Kalinga Province, Philippines.  

Welcome to San Juanico Bridge

The Bridge that connect the island of Samar and Leyte. San Juanico Bridge is the longest bridge in the Philippines with 2.16 kilometers long. The Philippine National Construction Corporation together with the Japanese engineers, the bridge was completed within 4 years with 21.9 million dollars and was completed in 1973. San Juanico bridge was once called the Marcos Bridge and also known as the bridge of love. Late President Ferdinand Marcos made the decision to build the bridge and when it was done, he dedicated it to his wife, Imelda Marcos as a statement of his love to his wife. View from Samar going to Tacloban City, Leyte Here's a video of San Juanico Bridge   #welcometosanjuanicobridge

Vegetables and Fruits, Fresh and Organic

These are the fruits and vegetables I've enjoy eating from the North to the South of the Philippine Island. Fresh and Organic Dalandan and Lanzones Marang Cacao Durian Mangoes - Different kinds Avocado and star apple (not an apple)  #Vegetables #Fruits #Freshandorganic



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