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How my boy got a fractured collar bone?

My 6 years old boy was so happy to finally learned to ride his bike without the training wheels. His dad took him to the Sunrisers Rotary Playground where he rode his bike all the way there from our house. At the playground, he was riding the hand powered merry go round with about 8 kids and 2 parents making it to go round. Alan my boy was leaning a little bit further out and all of the sudden he was thrown out and landed on his left shoulder and that's how he got a fractured collar bone. My husband took him to the clinic they did 3 x-rays and they referred him to see an orthopedic.The doctor gave him a back/shoulder brace to help the bone keep in place. However that was so uncomfortable for him to sleep last night. He kept waking up whining it hurts. When we saw an orthopedic today, he said the bone should heal up on it's own. Given time with his age ( He is at the magic age, 1 week per age year) he should be good a little after 6 weeks.  The doctor also said he doesn

Why I Ride My Bike to Work?

May is national bike month and this week (May 13-19) is bike to work week and May 17 is bike to work day.  This year, I started riding my bike on May 1st and been doing it whenever I  possible  can. I'm a fair weather rider. I don't like riding my bike in the rain and especially not while it's snowing. Someone at work asked me why I ride my bike to work? what's the reason? is it for fitness? or did you get a DUI? Oh heck no, I did not get a DUI, and probably will never get one.  I'm riding my bike to work because I love riding it and also I get my workout done at the same time. It's only a 10 mile round trip ride but it's a good enough distance to get my workout in for the day. My first day of riding my bike to work - May 1st, 2019 On my way to work Can you spot the sign?



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