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Our 2020 Travel Has Officially Began

We are now out of -30 degree Fahrenheit temperature, from a cold weather Fairbanks Alaska to the Evergreen State Washington. Although the weather here is not that warm but it's a lot warmer compared to Fairbanks.

We left Fairbanks the night of January 16th. When we arrived in Seattle we rented a vehicle big enough to haul our all our luggage. On our way to Bellingham, there was a  lot of slushy snow on the roads.

We arrived in Bellingham around 530am.  The storage  facility where we left our motorhome was not plowed. Joel tried to drive through the snow but got stuck. He ended up buying a shovel and had to shovel for over an hour just to get his way out of the storage facility. He was tired after all that flying, driving, then shoveling the snow.

After we bought stuff we needed in Costco and returned the rental car to the airport, we drove down to Thousand  Trails in La Conner. This is where we are going to be for a few days.

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