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Entering Canada Border from Sumas and our first day driving through British Columbia

After our not so fun trip to the Philippines due to Covid-19 pandemic and got locked down in home quarantine for two months, we are finally back to the US. We stayed in Washington for 2 weeks before we took our trip to Alaska through Canada.
We left Sumas Washington and entered Canada Border around 1130 am of June 15, 2020. It took few minutes to get through the security. There were so many questions and the security was trying to see if we are essential travelers due to Covid-19. But they've finally let us in since we are going back home to Alaska. However, I had to throw out my plants. I didn't know that I can't take soil to Canada but it's good though. Just bought those plants from Fred Meyer.

 After a few feet away from the border, we got stopped by Provential Health check security staff of the Province of British Columbia who monitored people coming in and driving through their province. We agreed to register with them so they can monitor us and to make sure we are …

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