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Daddy work, mom stay!

I had a difficult time leaving for work this morning.  Usually my Lil boy is still asleep when I leave home but he was up and awake this morning.  When I told him that,  mommy's going to work and he said "daddy work, mom stay" and he mumbles  then said it again several times "daddy work,  mom stay" His dad used to say to him "daddy go to work" and he remembers that. Daddy was gone all day but I stayed home with him, now it's all different. He hasn't seen his dad for over 2 months and now I'm saying "mommy go to work" he didn't like that.  Poor baby, my heart hurts and I felt bad leaving him today.

Double Rainbow

Beautiful double rainbow show after the rain. Dark clouds behind awesome rainbow colors. Picture was taken from parking lot of Alaska Fire Service,  BLM at Fort Wainwright,  Alaska.

Sun Catcher at Chief Andrew Isaac Clinic

This is one big beautiful sun catcher. I took this picture at Chief Andrew Isaac Clinic while I was waiting for a patient. 

Picking Alaska Wild Blueberries

It's that time of the year where blueberries are ripening and ready to be picked. Alaskan wild blueberries are really good it has 76 antioxidant level. Wild blueberries in lower 48 has 61 and the cultivated blueberry has 24.. Picking blueberries here is a lot of fun, going from one bush to another and hunting and picking the big ripe ones. The only thing is after a while of squatting or bending down, it can hurt your back. Not only blueberries are ripe but also wild raspberries. Yesterday, I  went out with family and friends. I only got about a gallon of blueberries because I spent more time bonding with them and playing with my boy than picking blueberries. I had a very good time and my toddler was very happy. Here is a short video of my toddler eating what he picked

When is the right time?

  The time is always right to do what's right ~Dr. Martin Luther King~

Non-GMO Sweet Potato Corn Tortilla Chips

This is a kind of chips that I don't feel bad eating. Not only because it is made with organic yellow corn and sweet potato but also it is non-GMO and gluten free. It has flavorful taste that I  don't need any dips for it. Whether it's healthy or not, it sure does taste good. #Garden of Eatin' Non-GMO Sweet Potato Corn Tortilla Chips 

Wanna Be a Missionary?

On my way to work this morning, I was listening to the radio and it got me to giggle but at the same time it got me to thinking.  The message was   Some of us wants to be a missionary and go travel across the sea to share God's Words, but have we travel across the street to share God's words in our neighborhood?!   Funny but so true.

Drinking Real Coconut Juice

 Amazing how we got something like this here in Fairbanks, Alaska. My friend whom my son called lolo (grandpa) gave us few of these coconut fruit. My boy loves it! He had fun drinking the real coconut juice or buko juice from the coconut fruit, no preservatives! It was his very first time seeing and tasting it. here's a short video of him having fun drinking Coconut (Buko) Juice Drinking real coconut (buko) juice

Dyed Flowers

I just don't get it why people have to dyed flowers.  For me, flowers comes with their own unique shapes and colors. yes I agree that by dying them you will get the colors you wanted but come on, might as well buy fake flowers at least those stays forever.

Alaska's Fires over 4M Acres

The State of Alaska's Fires are now in over 4 million acres as of today 7.12.15 and we currently have 304 active fires. Crazy!  Photo by Unaweep Photo grabbed from InciWeb Photo grabbed from InciWeb

Ft. Wainwright Random Vehicle Search

I thought I'm gonna get away with another season without being stop at the main gate for random vehicle search. Will, today being a Saturday and the only one on the road coming in to the main gate, I got flag down. They've checked my documents and searched my truck. They've found nothing of course but I understand they have to do that to insure the safety of the military base. I'm just glad that I always go to work early. I have plenty of time for something like this and not get late. All is good! I thought I'd mention it  here since this was my very first time ever getting searched here at the Ft. Wainwright Military Base.


3 colors of delphinium in my front yard. I'm loving these perennial plant.  Very Low maintenance and hardy for the Golden Heart city of Alaska cold winter weather.

Happy Friday!

This boy is growing up fast.  Everyday when I come home, he always says something that surprises me. He is smart and happy boy! Happy Friday!


Fireweeds that are growing in my back yard. I let them grow wild because I like them. I also let dandelions and lambs quarters grow.

4th of July at Botanical Garden UAF

On 4th of July, I had to work for 11 hrs. After a long day at work, my friends and I went to Botanical Garden @ UAF and had a good time bonding. We enjoyed the nice weather, the beautiful gardens and the blooming flowers. My boy had a blast and that's what matters most to me. Here are some of the pictures I took with my Samsung S5 phone. I would have taken more but my cellphone battery went dead :-( It was alright though, we had lots of fun and laughter. What a way to enjoy the 4th of July. Happy Fourth

More of You, Less of Me

I have been humming to this song for the past couple days "more of you less of me, makes me who I'm meant to be" It made me stay humble and gets me through my day. More Of You By Colton Dixon Columbine, hardy in Alaska, I planted it last year in my garden I made my castle tall I built up every wall This is my kingdom and it needs to fall I want You and no one else Empty me of myself Until the only thing that's left is   More of You Less of me Make me who I'm meant to be You're all I want all I need You're everything Take it all I surrender Be my king God I choose More of You Less of me More of You   This life I hold so close Oh, God I let it go I refuse to gain the world and lose my soul So take it all I abandon everything I am You can have it The only thing I need is   Read more: Metrolyrics Print More Of You | MetroLyrics Music video of More of you by Colton Dixon More of you less of me! www.mylifewith

Red Moon Over Lummi Nation

My husband just sent me this picture of the red moon over Lummi Nation in Washington. Picture taken from the back yard. Tonight is a red moon and on the 31st of this month will be the blue moon. I used to be scared during full moon because of the scary stories that were told when I was young. But now, I'm a moon lover, I'm fascinated by it. My husband and I used to drive during winter from Fairbanks to Valdez or vice versa, and driving hundreds of miles with just mountains, snow, and tress, I remember one of those trips I was looking at the moon feeling sad because we were alone in the wilderness  but then I realized we are not alone because someone somewhere are watching the same moon as I was. No matter where we are,  maybe in a crowded city or in the last frontier, we are looking at the same moon, and that to me is awesome! It gave me a sense of connectivity. Red Moon over Lummi Nation! Red Moon!



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