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Exploring Zabriskie Point

It was a great time to visit and explore Zabriskie Point, a little bit chilly but not crowded. From Pahrump, Nevada to Zabriskie Point parking lot in Death Valley National Park California is about 56 miles. It was an easy nice drive to there. We saw some wild horses on the way and that was cool.  Zabriskie Point is our first stop in our journey to Death Valley National Park California.  Zabriskie Point A short uphill walk to the viewpoint on a pavement path offers a stunning panoramic views of the landscape all around. Even though it was not sunrise nor sunset when we arrived at Zabriskie Point, we still enjoy the beauty of area.  It's very easy to get here and it's a must stop. Watch our little video to learn about the area and see more of the Zabriskie Point.  Please check the other places we've explored on our journey to Death Valley National Park.  5. Artist Drive and Artist's Palette 4.  Natural Bridge   3.  Badwater Basin/Salt Flat    2.  Devils Golf Course   1. 

My visit to Pyramid Lake

It was cloudy, breezy, and a bit chilly out but it was a great day drive to Pyramid Lake. Even with clouds and some rain drops, the scenery was spectacular. The color of the water with white caps, the rock formations, the surrounding desert, the neat clouds, and the rainbows was all amazing that day. Please watch my video to see the wonderful lake.  My first visit to Pyramid Lake was very short and only from Kooyooe Panunadu overlook. The lake being an US Indian Reservation "Paiute Tribe" the road was close due to Covid-19. I was lucky enough to see the lake from afar that time. On this trip to Pyramid Lake, I was able to go all the way up to the end of the pavement road. On our way there we stoped at the Pyramid Lake Lodge also known as Crosby Lodge in the town of Sutcliffe. The lodge has pretty much everything someone needs for a few days stay at the lake. They have food, bar, fishing gear, camping needs, etc. At the lodge, I enjoyed watching videos of people with the big f

A Right Time to Get to Famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Watch our road trip to Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign and The Las Vegas Strip When I was searching on google map about the famous Las Vegas welcome sign there's something in the reviews that kind of screaming "WAIT IN LINE" and "HOT" so my family and I decided to get up early (not too early) but earlier than normal to drive there at the right time. We left our motorhome before 8am and arrived at the famous welcome sign in less than 20 minutes drive. It was a pleasant drive, the traffic was very light.  We were so happy when we arrived at the welcome sign. There was only one family ahead of us and there was no line. Yep, our getting up early paid off. We took all the time we wanted without feeling  rushed.  After we took pictures, we head back towards the Strip using Las Vegas Blvd. The traffic was also light even with the road construction. It was a great morning driving around Las Vegas.  Alan at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada Sign (Famous Sign) L

New Year celebration in our RV at Palm Springs RV Resort

Several years ago we adopted a New Year's tradition and been practicing it every year. New Year's Tradition Lots of fruits on the table Cook foods that bring good luck and prosperity Eat at midnight Make a lot of noise Have money/coins in pocket Turn on all the lights Open the doors House is clean and tidy up Relax on new year's day  But since we are living on an RV, have a limited space, most of what we do normally during the new year celebrations was off the list. This was our first New Year celebration in an RV Resort. Home away from home. So this year what we did was stayed up until after midnight. Eat the meals I had prepared which is not as much as I am used to but it was just a right amount. Our leftovers fits in our little fridge. We watched the new year's countdown with King 5 news on Seattle Space Needle virtual show. It was amazing, they did a great job! After we ate, we watched a movie that Alan had picked out and by the time we went to bed it was already ha

Our Stay at Seaside Resort in Seaside, Oregon

Seaside Resort in Seaside Oregon is our 7th stop on our travel journey. We didn't have to drive far from Long Beach RV Campground in Washington. Seaside Resort is in a great location close to a lot of attractions, adventures, shopping, however the resort is a little bit far from the ocean.  We arrived in Seaside RV Resort on October 25th 2020. The resort has two gates - The North and The South, but to check in we had to go to south gate. The resort have full hookups but the south side is only 30 amp and the north side are 50amp. So, after we checked in at the ranger station (she's really nice) we had to drive a block to turn around and out the south gate and into the north gate.  We drove around the campground looking for "The Site" but we didn't have much choice since it was a bit full. We pulled in to a site, parked, leveled, slides out, then when it's time hookup the water, we couldn't find the water source. We looked around, puzzled, why there's no



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