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Somethings Never Change

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Administrative Professionals Day

Yesterday was Administrative Professionals Day. I came back from all of my medical appointments and  found this roses waiting for me. I'm so happy. The roses are from my Supervisor, Nichole Mordino, bless her heart. 


Not much going on, just enjoying life one day at a time. I'm getting an MRI tomorrow for my knee, it's been a month now and still hurting. Hopefully they'll figure out whats wrong so that they can fix it. I'm still going to my therapist twice a week for my back pain. All is good though, if I can rate my emotional and mental health, it would be 9.5 out of 10 but for my physical 4/10, I'll be alright. As for my work, I've been busy keeping up with my work load especially I have been in and out of the office because of my medical appointments. As for Joel, he is busy fixing and remodeling the house. As for the doggies, we gave up on Rocky. We just can't keep up with him. He jumped over the fence several times and we spent a lot of time looking for him and it just got old. He is sweet and lovable dog and he needs someone who can give him the full attention he needs. He has a lot of energy and he needs a big yard to run around in. My friend who gave him to us is

Who do I want to impress?

You Want to Impress Strangers You want strangers to think you're attractive. You want to be seen as gorgeous and sexy. You want everyone you meet to think you're brilliant. Being seen as intelligent is important for your self esteem. You are at your most playful when you are around people you don't know well. You're more serious around those you're close to. You have no problem letting strangers see the real you. You are upfront about who you are. You don't become close to many people. You only let people you've gotten to know very well in.

Joel's Back

He's home for 2 and half weeks. I'm so happy, back of being spoiled again. At lunch today, he came by at work and brought me food but it was nice outside so we went out and ate by the frozen river. While walking towards the bench, we were approached by a guy and said: Guy : excuse me miss, excuse me sir, can you spare me a tobacco? Joel : Sorry we don't smoke. Guy : oh, thats ok. Thanks anyway, I just go ahead and smoke my marijuana here with my friends.

Happy Easter

I got invited to attend 3 services on 3 churches tomorrow all at the same time. I don't know which one I should go, maybe I should just go to my regular church. I don't know yet, I'll see about it tomorrow. Anyway, this are little something from work. I came back from lunch and found this tulips on my counter. I was wondering who it came from because there was no note or something. At first I thought, could it be from one of my admirers? (I'm admirable after all :)  Anyway, after few minutes of pondering and wondering, Andrea (A/P Supervisor) came and added two eggs on the side of the flowers and thats when I find out it was from her. She's so sweet, bless her heart. She went through all that trouble coloring the eggs and the next thing she knows, they're gone. One egg added to my high cholesterol and I gave the other one to someone who saw me eating the egg.  This card is from my dear sweet friend, Norma. I'm so glad to be her friend. Ok, so this one

What a day!

I'm tired, I got home late and found Rocky's missing. I don't know when and how he got out but I guess he jumped off over the gate. I was in the panic and called the animal shelter right away. I was so glad that the cab driver just walked in the shelter and she has rocky in her car. She said that she saw Rocky almost got hit 3x and that she said his a dumb dog. She said she has 6 dogs and she thinks that rocky really is a dumb dog, thinking back, I'm beginning to think that he really is dumb. I'm just glad that he didn't get hurt. When I got home from the animal shelter, I couldn't find Farcom. Abby was seating outside alone. Oh my goodness, I don't know how did he got out, really. He's small and too fat to jumped off the fence. So, I took abby and we drove around a block looking for him and we found him just 3 houses away from ours, he got in the car when I called him without any problem. When we got home, Abby doesn't wanna come out from the ca

Stormy Warrior

My Supervillain Name is Stormy Warrior Muhahahaha!

Best Friends

It's not because we have something in common (I think we don't have any) but it's how we accept our differences. These are the pictures of me and my friends that I would like to share with everyone.  Marissa, Tess, Ruffa and Me. This is our last picture together, well,  until we meet again. Tess and her family moved to Kentucky. Hopefully, she'll come visit us this summer. at the the Blue Loon Bridal Shower for the friend of ours. We went on a limo ride for several hours and did bar hopping with the bride and some others. This one was in Valdez and with our little sister Haidee. Valdez is like 350 miles away from here. We went there for a day trip, I showed them where Joel and I used to live and work.  Fil-Am Valentines Party.   at the Birthday Party  Midnight snack. It was kind of scary at that time because several police were over there arresting someone inside the restaurant.  We went visit one of our friend (Yolanda) Mothers Day on  Salmon Bake Restaurant.   Birthd

Evening Snacks

Even though I had fun at the pioneer park today, I felt prostrated for the rest of the day. I don't know why but I felt so sad and alone. My knee is getting better but still I couldn't do much activities. I felt a little better though when my friends came to visit me.. They brought some food from the birthday party but they were hungry, so I cook rice and we ate the food that they brought me. After an two hour or so, we went to Fred Meyer store then we went to Brewster's and had some desserts. No wonder why I'm still up this late, I'm stuffed.

Mush for Kids '09

Annual celebration for the Mush for Kids at the Pioneer Park today. Kids were having fun and were enjoying the free activities there, sponsored by Flint Hills Resources. I don't have kids but I went there anyway and I had fun.   I really enjoy watching the kids sat on the driver side of the fire truck and pretending to be firemen. I think this is cool, give the kids an inspiration to be a fireman someday. the puppy petting area activities inside the building Dog sled rides They're posing for the news-miner photograph. 

Tricolor Convolvulus

One of my favorite flower. It gives me the feelings that I can't explain, but it's a good feelings. I especially love the yellow star. I have been fooled on April fool's day and I didn't know that until today. OMG! I couldn't believe I fall for it. It's a long story, anyway, Brenda said that I'm so gullible and need to be toughen up. I don't know about that, we'll see. I took this picture last year.


"Every rose has its thorn, Just like every night has its dawn" by poison. I heard this song while driving home tonight, and I don't know why it just got stuck in my head. It is true though that no matter how pretty or how beautiful a rose is, it always has a thorn. Same thing with us too. I could go on and talk about it but I'm too lazy to think right now.. I just hope you guys can see my thorn so that you can be aware of it and not get hurt by it. I'm still in pain. My knee is not getting better. Tomorrow I'm gonna go see my physical therapist and massage therapist but they're not for my knee, they're for my back and shoulder. If this knee is not getting better by Friday, I'm going to see an orthopedic. I'm so sad to have all this pain,  I'm still young and I have so much stuff I wanna do and need to do but this pain is just eating my life away. URGH!!! Please help pray for me.  



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