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Thoughts on Gay Marriage by a Teenager

My cousin's daughter wrote this on her Facebook and she made a lot of sense than most adults. She did a really a good job putting it down together. Very well said, I couldn't agree more. Gay Marriage Post- If you're gonna get worked up don't read. Very interesting to me how worked up people can get over something that doesn't have a thing to do with them. I believe that ALL humans should be able to love whoever their heart tells them to love. I have several gay people in my life, both family and friends, and to hear people say that "they should all die" sickens me. Some claim that it is going against God's word to love and marry the same sex. But it is also going against God's word to divorce and remarry... Commit adultery.. BUT somehow those sins are "different"??? You cannot pick and choose your favorite rules to follow. To discriminate gays and treat them as if they are beneath you disgusts me. Just because you feel uncomfortab

Update on Some Fires in Alaska

Finally the rain came after a few weeks of hot, dry and smoky. We are now in a single digit of wildfire that starts everyday. Thank goodness! I had my boy kept inside the house for few days now because I know that the smoke is not good for him. Hopefully the rain will take care some of the smoke and the fires today. Picture Taken by #Graham Predeger from Stetson Creek Fire Photo Taken by #Jennifer Costich from Tozitna Fire 6/22/15   Below is information of Fire in Alaska from the InciWeb Incident Information Center  website Incident Overview The fire situation in Alaska is very dynamic at this time. As of today (Saturday, June 27, 2015) there are 321 active fires in the State. Many fires in remote areas are unstaffed. The major staffed fires have their own Inciweb pages. Just the fires listed below are currently burning approximately, acres. These other staffed fires include the following: Rock : The Rock fire is 9 miles SE of the village of Hughes which is located in

Alaska Fires

As of 06/24/15 7:30 am we have 277 active fires. Everyday, we have at least 40 new fires started. It is getting hard to breath out there. Today is worst than any other day.

When the smoke is going down

And this is what happen when the smoke is going down to the valley. It's hard to breath outside, it also stink! It's very bad for the people who have respiratory problems. As of 930 pm we have 231 active wildfires all over Alaska. I felt sorry for the people who've lost their homes to these fires. Several town have been evacuated also. very sad :-( prayers for the firefighters and for everyone that being affected with the wildfires.

Smokes in Fairbanks, Alaska

Smokes are rolling in Fairbanks. Last night I did the Midnight Sun Run 10K from Patty Center UAF Alaska to Pioneer Park. The Run Started at 10 pm, it was lots of fun. The sun turned red before 11pm due to the smokes and a little after that,the lighting was having a fantastic show. The only bad thing about the ligthning is almost every strike create fires, especially it is dry and hot up here.  The smokes now are heavier than last night and I don't even see the sun anymore. It might get worst though. Oh what a summer we're having here!  University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) - Student Recreation Center Chena River off University Avenue Bridge  Geist Road - Sun is Red Red Sun!    +UAF #redsun #Midnightsunrun

My Toddler's Art

He planted the sidewalk chalks in the gravel on our back yard. He got a big box of them but only choose this three colors. He just amaze me every day.

Sockeye Fire in Willow Alaska

The Sockeye wildfire started on Sunday near Willow, Alaska.The fire was believe to be a human caused but it is under investigation. Gov. Bill Walker declared State Disaster due to the fire had already burned 6,500 acres and displaced more than 1,700 residents.  Approximately 25 primary and about 10-20 secondary structures had been destroyed on the north end of the fire, North of Kashwitna lake. I guess living in Alaska, this is something that everyone here should and always expect. Wildfires in  the Summer! It is sad that we are just now starting to enjoy the warm weather but the wildfires are joining in too, or I might say, it's taking over the party. It is having a very good time, it's showing off, and it's displaying how mighty it is. Oh Fires! Every year, you never fails us. Fire Perimeter Map Image Courtesy of Blake Essig KTUU TV Image Courtesy of David Brooks Image courtesy of Stefan Hinman   Image courtesy of Marc Lester ADN Image court

Big Toys for My Toddler

I know he's a little too young for this, but he had fun riding it. My back was sore from binding down helping him drive but I had fun as well.  These are really big toys for my toddler Someone might think that my husband and I are spoiling our boy with big toys but oh No. These were given or pass down to us by friends. Their kids outgrew them so they passed it down to my toddler, which we are so grateful.  My toddler had fun and he will have more fun when he's a little older. He had no problem reaching the pedal of the Mustang car but the other one, he needs some growing up to do. He learns pretty well though when I said Stop he releases the pedal, when I said go he pushed the pedal again. I also taught him left, right, and reverse and he's getting it quite alright. He is such a happy boy! He is so Happy A little too big for him yet A Happy Boy!

Blooming Irises

Irises in my front yard are blooming. I didn't plant them here. Probably seeds flowned by wind or birds dropped them by, doesn't matter though, I love them there.

Yukon 800 Shakedown 2015

I have live in Fairbanks for many years but never have known about this boat race until my friend invited me to come see the Yukon 800 shakedown race. The race started at Chena Pump campground or I would call it Pikes Landing Ice Bridge. My toddler and I had fun watching them race. The Yukon 800 Shakedown (Fairbanks-Old Minto-Fairbanks) was a 3 hrs race, although I'm not sure if that's round trip. There were 3 crews on each boat and the boat is really low, almost to the water level when the crews are sitting on it. The water is pretty cold and the boat is very fast, it can reach up to 70 miles per hour. The boat is built from scratch, a 24 foot long, and with 50 horsepower.  Here is my friend Amber with her son. Alan had fun playing with him Here is a short video I made from Yukon 800 Boat Race Shakedown 2015. ENJOY! Love Alaska!  #Yukon800

Alaska Fire Service Toddler Shirt

I got my first paycheck yesterday and bought my toddler a souvenir, a toddler shirt from Alaska Fire Service. I'm glad they have toddler size shirts. They even have onesie's, they're cute, but he's too big for it already.  The shirt is called Skull shirt. I believe it's because of the moose skull on the back, but I could be wrong. I love it though.  First paycheck!

I live in Alaska!

This is great and it's so true! This is funny because most people who have not been in Alaska thought people here live in an igloo.  Nope we dont! Thought I'd share this. I found this on Facebook and tried to find where it originates or who did this pictures, but I couldn't find anything.  If you own this pictures, let me know.

Kayaker in Whale's Mouth in Sitka, Alaska

I saw this on Facebook and thought I'd share it here. This guy was so lucky to have survived this. He got to live another day to tell the story.  His name is Dr. Richard kraft, Sitka's very own dentist. I guess this whale was scoping a mouthful  of herring at the bay. "Yep, that is me in the picture. Yep that is a whale that was just around the corner from the ferry terminal. "Paddle really fast" is the only thing I could think of at the time.. Also thinking that I don't look like a herring, don't smell like a herring but with the same herring instinct of "get the hell out of the way of that big mouth!!" Still living to tell yet another story.. Rich K" info from Dick Wass on Facebook. Live another day!

Broken Windshield

It has been 4 years since my windshield got broken. My husband and I were driving in Canada, on our way back north to Alaska, a big truck on the other lane going south was driving fast and a big rock flew in to our windshield. I guess this should be expected when driving thru Alcan highway in Canada. Other than broken windshield,  my husband and I had a good time and a good trip back up here in Fairbanks,  Alaska. However,  my windshield hasn't been fix since then and it was in 2011. It's expensive to have it replaced,  and we don't have budget for it yet. Hopefully soon, we'll get to have it fix.

Tillamook Lowfat Yogurt

Tillamook is my family's favorite brand when it comes to Yogurt. I love all the flavors of their lowfat Yogurt but my favorite one is Oregon Strawberry. It taste really good and is made from cows that are not treated with artificial growth. The main thing I like about their yogurt are artificially free. A grocery bag full of Tillamook Lowfat Yogurt No artificial sweeteners No artificial growth hormones No high fructose corn syrup No artificial flavors  No artificial color +Tillamook is a farmer owned company since 1909 and is based in Tillamook, Oregon. I've been there once in Tillamook cheese factory and I enjoyed the tour of their facility.  Here is a little info that I grabbed from Tillamook website about their company. "As a farmer-owned co-op, our owners are the nearly 100 farmer families that make up the Tillamook County Creamery Association. Many of these families have been farming in Tillamook County for multiple generations. And it really is a f

Sit Stand Desk

My new work station, my home away from home during work days. I still need to personalized it more though. I am loving my new sit stand desk, I don't have to sit down all day long to do my job. With this Sit Stand Desk (+Varidesk Pro Plus), I have an option to sit or stand, it is user friendly and very easy to adjust. Office jobs are slowly changing now for the better, it can no longer be classified as a sedentary job. Kudos to the people who invent and made this available for everyone.   Loving work life

Why Do We Love Habanero Brand of Tabasco Hot Sauce?

My family love hot sauce! My family are crazy for this particular brand of Tabasco, the hot Habanero Sauce. The hotness of it is just perfect for our taste. We are hooked from the first day we've tried it.  However we had a problem buying it, for some reason, our local grocery store doesn't carry or sells this particular brand. 1 gal Tabasco Habanero Sauce   We had to make a special order from Fred Meyer store here in Fairbanks, Alaska which they had no problem accommodating us. However when we were down in  Bellingham, Washington, we tried to order it there at Fred Meyer store but they've just ignored us, they seem to not know what we were talking about and they didn't even try to help up. Sad!   Anyway, my husband took our business online. He went to and bought a big gallon of Tabasco Habanero Sauce for $50.86 with the dispensing pump. It's a very good deal! We are very happy! We tried a lot of hot sauce, and we don't really care for a lot of them.

Toddler Mowing Lawn

This was about two months ago in Washington. We were on our way out for a walk, but my toddler got distracted with the push lawn mower in our front yard. He went and grabbed the handle of the lawn mower and start pushing it. Will, it was hard and heavy but he did all he can to keep it moving. Such a cute and funny little boy. Watch the video to see him trying to mow our lawn with push mower. He was tired after playing with the push lawn mower Here is a cute video of him trying to mow our lawn. Enjoy! Cuteness!



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