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Our Interesting Travel Journey during Covid-19 from Alaska through Canada

Please enjoy my photographs  It has been a year since we started our life on the road. Our travel journey begun when we left our home in Fairbanks, Alaska and driving on Alaska (Alcan) Highway through Canada to Washington State.   Our drive through Canada was indeed interesting and wonderful but crossing the border was difficult and the drive was very long. Total miles driven from Fairbanks, Alaska through Canada to Birch Bay Washington was 2150 miles.  Contents below are: Our 1st Day Travel Journey  - drove 288 miles  Our first night rest stop  - on the side of Alaska highway just before the US Border Our 2nd Day Travel Journey - drove 409 miles Entering Canada Border  - Travel Restrictions and Covid-19 The Roads - Yukon Territory - Larger than Life Kluane Lake - Beautiful Rest Area Our 2nd night rest stop - Yukon Motel and RV Park Teslin, Yukon Territory Our 3rd Day Travel Journey - drove 363 miles Continental Divide - nice gravel rest area Our 3rd night rest stop - Toad River

Chena Hot Springs Resort Exciting Winter Fun in Fairbanks, Alaska

It has been a while since the last time I visited Chena Hot Springs Resort. It was winter when I went there with my family and friends, we had a great time. We went and spent a lot of time in the outdoor rock pool. It was so relaxing being in the natural hot springs water.  It was believed that the Hot Springs water has a healing water. I would not know the difference though because I only go there once in a blue moon. Well, maybe not once in a blue moon but just for me the resort is a little bit pricey.  Nonetheless, it's a good break and a good winter drive out of town. It's fun and exciting  being in the pool, feeling cold and hot at the same time.  I see a tree How to get there?  Chena Hot Spring Resort is about 60 miles away from town or about 75 minutes drive from the city of Fairbanks. From Airport Way take Steese highway then about 4.7 miles take the exit to Chena Hot Springs Road. Big sign right on the side of the highway.   Just drive down that road,  at the end of it

Mighty Yukon River trips Wonderful Adventures with My two Dogs

We have visited Yukon River twice in Yukon Territory where the river starts its journey in Canada through Alaska.  We also crossed the Yukon River Bridge on Dalton highway. The only bridge in Alaska that crosses the mighty Yukon river.  We had an amazing trips with my  two dogs. The mighty Yukon River The longest and largest river that runs through Alaska from Yukon Territory, Canada. The river is approximately 1900 miles long and it ends in the Bering sea. The river brings a lot of salmon during fishing season in Alaska.  Yukon means "Great River" in Gwich'in. Yukon River in Yukon Territory, Canada. A 606 miles away from home in Fairbanks, Alaska My two dogs Abby  Farky Both Abby and Farky are now gone and all I have left of them was memories. Our wonderful Adventures together. They both love water. If I let them, they'll spend hours playing and swimming in the water.  It was a long trip and both my dogs, Abby and Farky, had to swim in Yukon River at Yukon Territory,

Amazing Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights are seen right at my house

One of the privileges of living in Fairbanks Alaska is the enjoyment of watching  the northern light shows during the long winter season. Most of the time, I don't even have to leave my home. Even though I live right in town with lights pollution I still can see the northern lights dancing in the sky right above my house. Yep! Aurora Borealis Dancing in the sky right above my house What is Aurora Borealis? Aurora Borealis also known as Northern Lights are the lights that happened when the particles released from the sun and strike the earth atmosphere also known as  geomagnetic storm . It's an incredible light show with many colors but green is the most common. Picture was taken different year with Northern Lights dancing in the sky right above my house I was getting ready for bed when I checked the window for one last time and this is what I saw. Amazing Northern lights dancing in the sky above my neighbors house Sometimes my family and I will go out for a drive far away fro



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