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Just be held

Your world is not falling apart It's falling into place I'm on the throne Stop holding on and just be held Just be held! Listening to radio station on my way to work and I just love this words. Just be held by Casting Crown.

To kill or not to kill?

It looks creepy but I'm fascinated by how they built their hive. It looks smooth and the love the color, it's just cool. So I am not going to kill them, nope no killing. Winter is around the corner,  I'm sure they'll be gone by then.  I was told it's a wasp hive, but not sure.

A Day Off

After three weeks of working and overtime, finally, I got a day off today. I got to slept in late and went to church with my boy. He was so happy waking up seeing mommy still in bed and not gone to work. He had a good time playing with other kids in church too. Now, I just want to relax and spend the rest of my day with him. Life is good, I've been blessed!

My Boy!

He sure is growing fast! I love him very much, my little boy!

Sun Dog show

On my way home last night, a beautiful sun dog show.

Picking Alaskan Wild Blueberries in the rain

I wasn't dressed up for it and it was raining and cold but my friends got me to go with them anyway. My skirt was soaking wet that I have wringed out at least two cups of water from it. We had a good time though, we just laughed away three hours picking #Alaskan wild blueberries up in the hill top, in the rain, and in the cold. I never have thought that I would be picking blueberries in the rain. Fishing in the rain, Oh Yes! I don't even have to think twice on that but #blueberry picking in the rain?! did it for friendship and It was PRICELESS!             Picking Alaskan Wild Blueberries in the rain

Blue Moon over Lummi Nation

These pictures were taken last night by my husband from the back yard in Washington. Beautiful show of blue moon over the Lummi Nation and the moonlight reflection on the water was stunning.  I miss this place :-( Blue moon is the second full moon in a month.



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