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Two Moose

Two moose in the pond @ 11:03 PM 7/27/18 Richardson hwy  Delta Junction

Fishing Trip to O'Brien Creek Chitina/Copper River

My recent trip to Chitina for salmon fishing on Copper River with family and friend are fantastic. We drove about 315 miles (one way) from Fairbank to O'Brien Creek Chitina. The trip was great but we end up not fishing because the water was so high, nobody was catching anything from the shore. There were people who came in with the boat and they caught a fish. We pretty much just end up looking around, enjoying the scenery, and camping.  Here are few pictures of famous O'Brien creek View from the other side of O'Brien Creek. View of the parking lot. Going down to O'Brien Creek - pretty much a one way road View from the bottom - O'Brien creek road Limited Parking at O'Brien Creek Chitina Limited Parking space and the Campground. There's also Coffee shop and restrooms O'Brien creek campground - Limited site O'Brien Creek Campground Fee Station Welcome to Chitina Native Corporation's O'Brien Creek Recreational L

Alan caught his first fish

Here are some photographs of our trip to Quartz Lake near Delta in Alaska. Beautiful day fishing with awesome sunset. Alan caught his first fish ever and the look on his face was priceless! Beautiful Sunset at 10:15pm while fishing in Quartz lake. Alan was reeling in his first catch That big smile says it all, his first catch ever. He was the first one who caught a fish on that trip. As soon as he has his line down the water, he caught a fish right away. What a lucky boy! Rainbow Trout Dragonfly heart Beautiful Sunset at Quartz Lake

Camping in Quartz Lake

Friday evening after work on July 20th, my family and I drove down to Quartz Lake in Big Delta. It's about 86 miles from Fairbanks. We left Fairbanks 9:15pm and arrived in Quartz lake 10:44pm Campground was full except for overnight camping parking area which is fine with me at least I'm closer to the water and got a good view of the lake. Camping cost $15 a night, $10 for boat launch, and $8 for firewood.

Came home to a cool yard

Driving home from camping/fishing trip on a hot sunny Sunday at Richardson hwy, it was great to get home with this cool yard. Indeed the trees I planted helped cool the yard. The temp in the interior got into 90s -- hot!  

Kenai Lake

I always love Kenai lake and Kenai river. The green colored water is so beautiful.

In Kenai River on Friday the 13th

Went to The mouth of Kenai river for depnitting on Friday the 13th and only caught 3 reds salmon. Fish was slow, only few people caught some fish.  Yep here are the 3 fish I caught on Friday the 13th at Kenai River Mouth of Kenai River North Beach during low tide Free hotdogs and bouncy house sponsored by some church ministry in Kenai and people from lower 48. Too bad I didn't remember the name of church organization. Hot choco in rainy cold day was great especially free!



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