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Dog Run

Their first run together. Farcom was having a hard time keeping up with the two. They all wanna be in the front seat.


Not only for Spring, Summer and Fall but for Winter also.  2/24/09


New member of our crazy family. He is 7 months old  Golden Retriever. He is bigger than Abby and he is the youngest of them all.

Happy Valentines


Down Hill Ski

(3 of 7) Joel and I spent the Valentines day downhill skiing.  It was a nice warm day. We skied for 6 hours and thank goodness I didn't get injured.   when we got home, we took our dogs for a walk downtown. 

Cowgirl Hat

Yee-haw! Brenda is back from her vacation to Texas and she brought me back a cowgirl hat. I really like it but it would be a lot better if she brought me back a cowboy hat with a live cowboy in it..   02-10-09

Rev. Ludrigo Gasmin

He is my eldest brother. A Pastor who does Sunday Ministries. Right now he is assigned in Lubol Christian and Missionary Alliance Church.  Lubol is in a remote place in South Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines. To get there he has to ride a motorcycle for an hour and almost 2 hours of horse-back riding in a terrible muddy and rocky road. He also has to cross 4 rivers. Sometimes when it rains hard he could not reach the place because either the road is washed-out or the water level in the river is too high.  On his way to the church with his wife (Annie) and his eldest daughter (Gretchen).  Above is Gretchen and below is Annie

Mt. Aurora Ski Land

It was a beautiful day for snowboarding and skiing. Joel and I had fun. I did good , actually I snowboarded the intermediate route and did just fine. Joel skid down with me and he did it patiently.  Starting Point Joel at the Binkley's bowl   The sunset was wonderful, it fills the sky with colors. This was on our way home.


Flora Roddy owed me a penny. I told her not to worry about it but she paid me anyway.  I guess a penny less I can't have a dollar.   2/5/9

Lucky Me


Rabinowitz Courthouse

We didn't do much this weekend, well, we can't really do anything outside because of the cold weather. Joel and I drove around town today and just took some pictures. It was about -27F when we left the house.    Rabinowitz Courthouse



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