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Our Interesting Travel Journey during Covid-19 from Alaska through Canada

Please enjoy my photographs  It has been a year since we started our life on the road. Our travel journey begun when we left our home in Fairbanks, Alaska and driving on Alaska (Alcan) Highway through Canada to Washington State.   Our drive through Canada was indeed interesting and wonderful but crossing the border was difficult and the drive was very long. Total miles driven from Fairbanks, Alaska through Canada to Birch Bay Washington was 2150 miles.  Contents below are: Our 1st Day Travel Journey  - drove 288 miles  Our first night rest stop  - on the side of Alaska highway just before the US Border Our 2nd Day Travel Journey - drove 409 miles Entering Canada Border  - Travel Restrictions and Covid-19 The Roads - Yukon Territory - Larger than Life Kluane Lake - Beautiful Rest Area Our 2nd night rest stop - Yukon Motel and RV Park Teslin, Yukon Territory Our 3rd Day Travel Journey - drove 363 miles Continental Divide - nice gravel rest area Our 3rd night rest stop - Toad River



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