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All Organic-Fuel, Raw-energy, Healty Perfect Blend

Barlean's flax, chia, coconut blend is  nutritional powerhouse high in omega-3 (ALA), Dietary fiber, and antioxidants, minerals, amino acids and plant-based protein.  This delicious, all-organic mix is an easy way to support digestive health*  and fuel your body with the combined benefits of nature's most nutrient-dense superfoods: USDA Organic, Vegan, Kosher, Non-GMO Barlean's is a family owned business and is located in Ferndale, Washington  I love this product. I'm using it now everyday added to my smoothie.

So happy to see Jasmine Rice and Spam

I was sad when Sam's club closed because that's where I buy my rice. In fact, that's the only thing that get me going to that store. Well, the first day of  their closing sale, my friend told me the rice are gone. I was at Wal-Mart today getting my car tires done and I looked around just to see what they have and I was happy when I saw 50lb bag of Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice for $29.98. Not much difference with Sam's club price. And on the plus side, 2-pack of Spam right above it. I haven't bought any spam for many years. So now I'm super happy, I got rice and I got spam! Dynasty Brand Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice Milagrosa 

Spiderkid Sick but wanted to go workout

My spiderkid is sick. He's losing his voice, felt tired, and went to bed early tonight. He doesn't have a fever though so that's good. He wanted to go run with me tonight but I told him he need to get better first and if he feels better tomorrow he can go with me to my class. He loves going to my core strength class. He actually looks forward to it. And I'm a sore mama. Amtrak Rail Station in Seattle On Link rail from Seatac airport  Fairbanks temperature today

Imagination at play

Trees on a roundabout almost look like they're putting up a show. Look at it and let your imagination play.

Paw Patrol Shoes

Marshall and Chase is my son's two favorite characters. I went for quick drive to store and saw this shoes and I just had to buy it. It's a good inside shoes. Alan said "thank you mama, I love it, it's so epic" I said what? So epic? Anyway, he said he's going to take the shoes to school to replace his inside shoes. Chase and Marshall

What Am I Thankful Today?

Despite of being  -32゚F this morning, I'm thankful because it's Friday! Seeing a little blue skies today made me happy😁 These two were busy eating berries

Snow and Ice covered lines

These covered lines are beautiful to look at but it can be dangerous. Too much snow and ice on it can put a stress on the lines. It can drag it down or even snapped of the poles. These pictures were taken from South side Cushman Fairbanks 

Extremely Slick Road To North Pole Yesterday

Alan and I went to North Pole yesterday for our dental appointment with our dentist. The roads were extremely slick and I don't like the way they scraped the road. It was a stressful drive for me but I'm glad we got there and back home safe and sound.

Return To Duty after Government Shutdown

President Trump has signed a short term continuing the resolution. So, I returned to duty today. I guess we'll  see on February 8th if we have to do the Government shutdown all over again. Anyway, it was hard getting up today and getting to work. Woke up with a sinus headache and it was so cold outside -15゚F with breeze. On Gilliam way My yard

Sam's Club Closing 75% off today

I went to Sam's club early before they opened today. When I got there, the line was long almost it was almost to Michaels. I waited outside in line for about an hour and it was  -11゚F, oh my gosh I can't believe I did that. The stuff I bought is not something I really need. I went a little bit into an impulse buying, I guess it's because 75% off everything. I'm sad to see Sam's club is closing but I'm happy to hear that Costco is coming, hopefully soon. Sam's Club was here in Fairbanks Alaska since 1994. Here are some pictures I took from last week and today.

Happiness and Success

"Happiness and success cannot be had by pursuing either or both of them directly. They invade our lives unexpectedly as we pursue a cause greater than ourselves (the greater the better), in the midst of relationship, and in the context of suffering." -Viktor Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

Furlough due to U.S. Government Shutdown 2018

Due to US Government shutdown, I will show up to work on Monday just to get my furlough letter. I don't know how long the shutdown is and how long we'll be out of work but with below zero degrees temperature for this next week, I'll be glad to stay at home.

Friday Perfect Frost Covered Trees

I just love the frost covered trees at work today, perfect for Friday!

What temperature should we not come to work?

Last year I asked my co-worker what temperature it should be that we don't show up to work? I was told that when it's not -50゚F by 6am then we should come to work. Well, It was  -49゚F by 6:31am. It was too cold for me and for my truck so I called and stayed home. By 9 am the temp reached  -50゚F (I didn't get to capture it) but  the employees who should up at work was sent home. Too cold that the sun looks like a moon This was the temperature today

Hazardous Roads in Fairbanks Alaska in January 2018

Freezing rain last night and top it off with at least 4 inches of snow made the road very slippery and hazardous to travel. So thankful for the road crews for taking care of most of the major roads in town early this morning. It is  23゚F  right now but about this time last year was -44゚F . Is it a global warming? Whatever it is, I love the warm weather but I don't like the hazardous roads.  January 17,  2018   23゚F   January 17, 2017     -44゚F



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