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How To Best Celebrate Holy Week as Your Own Personal Tradition?

This article will explore the ways in which you can best celebrate Holy Week as your own personal tradition. We have all heard of the Holy Week, but what is it? Valley of the Gods (Utah) What is Holy Week? Holy Week is the week leading up to Easter. It starts with Palm Sunday and ends with Easter Sunday. Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey while being cheered by the people. The next day, Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday is a day of fasting and prayer in preparation for Good Friday, which is a day of fasting and remembrance of Jesus' death on the cross. Chapel of Holy Cross  (Arizona) Good Friday is a somber day commemorating Jesus' death on the cross while observing the traditional fast. On Holy Saturday, Christians celebrate Christ's resurrection from the dead with prayers and songs. Finally, Easter Sunday marks Jesus' resurrection from the dead, celebrated by Christians all around the world with joyous celebrations. Spring time, tulip time, Eas



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