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Olympic Peninsula Adventure

From La Conner Thousand Trails RV & Camping Resort, we drove to Coupeville Ferry Terminal. We were on the standby lane and didn't get on the first Ferry but we got on the next one. But because of that, we were able to explore Fort Casey State Park. Here's the link to that adventure A Ferry Ride to Port Townsend From Coupeville  When we arrived at Port Townsend it was late in the afternoon so we decided to spend a night in the area. We drove to Port Angeles and checked in at the Riviera Inn. Nothing special with the Inn but it was clean, cheap, and it suffice our need for the night. The next day, we checked out early from the Inn, got our breakfast, then head up Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park. We stopped at the Overlook-Victoria B.C. From there I made a reservation for the Ferry back to Coupeville. The Ferry was full until the 5:15pm sailing time, so I went ahead and made that reservations.  We had a nice drive up to Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center.  Here's the lin

First Visit to Mambukal Hot Sulphur Springs Resort, Koronadal City before the Covid-19 lockdown

Before the Covid-19 lockdown started in Mindanao Region in Philippines, we had an opportunity to visit Mambukal Hot Sulphur Spring Resort in Koronadal City South Cotabato. We went there to celebrate Joel's birthday. This was our first visit there  and we only spent a night thinking we'd be back again in the next week or so. So glad we were able to visit but so sad we weren't able to go back again due to Corona Virus Pandemic.  The road going to Mambukal Resort is part rough and narrow and the road get narrower the closer we get to the resort. The resort is not that far from the city but it feels like I'm in the jungle. Nice and secluded place with lots of greenery.  Few minutes after we arrived there, the smell of hot sulphur bothered me. I was thinking, oh no! Can I stay here, can I take the smells all night long? Well, I didn't get used to the smell but I was able to tolerate it. The Bahay Kubo we rented overnight cost 1600 pesos. With that price came 3 free

RV Life Easy Cooking: Fish Paksiw

Living in an RV with limited space, we can only buy so much for our kitchen so we have to use whatever is available for cooking.  So for my fish paksiw recipe, here is what I've used. Ingredients:  Golden Pompano Fish -  I used 2 fish Red onions - it's what I have, I used 1 whole  Garlic - thinly sliced and used a bunch  Ginger - Julian sliced  Bay Leaves - I used 2 Chili Pepper  - this is optional Vinegar - I ran out of regular vinegar so I've used apple cider instead  Olive Oil Whole peppercorn - I don't really like it but I add it anyway Salt - I used Johnny's seasoning salt Water - I used less than a cup 1 . Arrange in layer half of the ingredients: onions, garlic, ginger, chili pepper, bay leaf, peppercorn, and sprinkle salt 2 . Add fish 3. Add the rest of the ingredients on top of the fish.  4. Add olive oil. 5 . Add water 6 . And add 1 cup of vinegar 7. Cover and cook it in medium heat until it start to boil then lower the heat down. Simmer for at l

RV Life Easy Cooking: Pinakbit or Pakbit

We had an opportunity to stop at Seafood City in Tukwila, Washington. I took advantage of the opportunity and bought some fresh vegetables for cooking Pinakbit or pakbit. I miss eating pinakbit since I'm living in an RV full time, a home away from home, I got to do what I have to do (means I have to cook it myself) No friends and no family who can cook it for me. Anyway, I have the all the ingredients needed so I gave it a try and oh it turned out great (in my opinion). The ingredients:  Garlic, Ginger, Onions Meat (I used pork) Squash, Long Beans, Eggplant, Better Melon (Ampalaya), Okra Optional: Sauteed Shrimp Past or Ginisang bagoong 1. First I brown the  meat 2. heat the oil and add garlic, ginger, and onions 3. Add the meat 4. Then add squash and a little bit of water to cook and cook it for few minutes 5. Add the long beans and cook it for about 2 minutes or so 6. Then add the rest of the ingredients.  7. Optional: when vegetables are about to cook,  I add shrimp paste 8. Don