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Done with Jury Duty

 Second year in a row I've been summoned by Alaska Court System in Fairbanks to serve as trial Juror. I'm glad there's only 28 days in February and it's over. I called the recorded message very night except for weekend. I also missed one night but I called the next morning to make sure my number wasn't selected. I'm so glad my service number was high that didn't even get the chance to be called to show up for selection. Jury Duty done! So glad didn't get to use it!

Do not be anxious

Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God

How much weight can Trampoline handles?

Saturday night my son asked me to come to the back windows. He said he want to show me something important. So I went. He pointed and said "you need to shovel the snow off the trampoline mama" I know that it needs to be done soon but I had no idea how bad it was. I asked him to go ahead and do it but he said he's only 5 and he is slow. Anyway, I went out there after I got home from work today. I shoveled over a thousand pounds of snow and ice off that trampoline. It was so heavy that I worried it will collapsed while I'm on it. I was very careful but it took me about 2 hours to clear it out of snow. I wonder how much weight can this trampoline handle?

How My Son got me to Chuch today

I went to bed late last night and woke up couple times to check on space heater and house temperature. I was tired and sleepy. So, I've decided I'm gonna sleep in late and not go to church.About 830 am, my 5 year old son woke me up. Alan: mama wake up, we're going to church today. Mama wake up. Me: what? Why? Alan: wake up mama Me: why? Alan: we are going to church! Me: why? Alan: to learn about Jesus...learn about God! How can I say no to that? Getting up was hard but I know I have responsibility to this little one so I did the responsible thing. This was today. My son in the red.  Last week

My Window Frost

Beautiful frost on my window.

Email Alerts From DOT for Alaska Road Conditions

I received 33 emails from Alaska Department of Transportation (DOT) since 6am today and probably will get some more tonight. The email alert shows which road, from what mile, and what kind of road conditions there is. Most of the time it says something like this: Road Closure, Cloudy, Snow, Visibility reduced, Blowing snow, Drifting snow, Snow on roadway, Travel is not advised, Stay back 200 feet from snowplows, Snow removal equipment on roadway, Slippery road surface, Reduce your speed, Ice on Bridges/Overpasses, Drive with headlights on. Below is one of so many emails I received from them. Road conditions for STEESE EXPRESSWAY/HIGHWAY from MP 80 to MP 101: Road Closure Poor visibility, Snow flurries, Snow, Cloudy, Blowing snow, Drifting snow, Snow on roadway, Travel is not advised, Stay back 200 feet from snowplows, Snow removal equipment on roadway, Slippery road surface, Reduce your speed, Ice on Bridges/Overpasses, Drive with headlights on, Be prepared for winter driving 6 inche

Colorful Felt Bowl

My son's school art - a colorful felt bowl.

Rev. Billy Graham Faithful Servant of Christ is now Home

William Franklin Graham Jr. also known as Billy Graham died from natural causes today at his home. He was ninety-nine years old would have been a hundred years old this year, he was born on November 7, 1918. Billy Graham was internationally well known as an American Christian evangelist and was a spiritual adviser to several U.S President. He hosted  hundreds  of crusades, his sermons was broadcast in both radios and television. Billy Graham sure was a faithful servant of Christ. He helped changed and transformed so many lives.  He is now home with his master, Lord and savior Jesus Christ. This Image of him is from

Art in snow covered truck

Here is my son's art in my snow covered truck. He used a stick and  threw it on top of the truck when he was done.

House no heat - boiler not working

After several power outages last week, our boiler haven't been working right. And today it finally stop working. We have not had any problem for 2 year straigh thanks to Nate @ Igloo Heating, LLC for keeping it working. There's a part in the boiler that need to be replaced but there's none available in town nor in the State of Alaska. We have to wait 3 to 5 days for it to arrived here. Hopefully that part will fix the problem. Our house no heat. Good thing Nate has few space heaters. He let us borrowed at least it will keep our footsie and buttsie warm for few days. We won't  have  hot water though so we'll be going to the gym to take a shower. I'm just hoping that the boiler get fix before we dipped down to below zero again. I'm worried about pipe freezing up, it'll create more problems. The joy of living in the last frontier!

Pagoda Chinese Restaurant in North Pole

After Church today, I treated my mom to Pagoda Chinese Restaurant in North Pole for her early birthday celebration. We had a good time there with friends. We received Great service and good food. Peking duck taste good and it's moist but a little bit salty. Their serving of food is a lot! One order is actually good for 2 person. No MSG on their food which is great! What I love the most though is the TEA.. Having that cast iron teapot in the middle of the table makes me happy.

Sodor the Robot

My son's artwork at his school. He said Sodor the robot has no heartbeat and he shoot water for fun. He also have two trees at the bottom.

Trying Yoli product

I was introduced to Yoli 28-day transformation product tonight and I'm going to start it tomorrow. I'm going to get my measurements and my weight tomorrow.

Icicle formed with red lights

I have red lights outside for Valentine's day and the icicles that formed with it, made it looks so cool. Loving the warm temperature in Fairbanks right now. From 20 below last week to 27 above this week.

Valentine's card from Alan

Alan made me a valentines card, I love it! My first card from him that he made on his own. This is what he got from school today Snowy warm Valentine's day in Fairbanks today.

Valentine's cards for my boy's school

I stayed up late trying to finish making Valentine's cards for my boy school tomorrow. I was on the last one and the power went out. I did got it done though with thehelp of flashlight on my phone. Power outage in Fairbanks continues I guess.

Fairbanks power outages due to warm temp

Power outages all over Fairbanks today. Trees and powerlines that were covered by ice 2 weeks ago it's now causing power outages with the help of warmer temperature and fresh snow. Our power went out twice. First one was at 330am for an hour and the second one was at 740am for two hours or so.  We also had power outage at work from 1:20pm for about an hour. Driving home and seeing lights on the street and in homes makes me feel so grateful. Thanks to the crews of Golden Valley Electric for fixing the lines as fast as they can.



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