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Mush for kids

Full moon this morning

Face the situation and voice out

A day full of forgetfulness


Lego boy

Thy Word - my 5yr old love this music video

Why am I having trouble breathing?

First day of training

Fear is a liar

Snow off the roof

What Love Is

Spring break is Over

How can you live for God?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Alan my little gardener

The most expensive spills - Gold Bars Spills


Fitbit Fitness Goal

Making healthy breakfast in less than 5 minutes

Carrying heavy loads?

Spring Time Daylight Saving Time - what does it mean do to you?

Luau Party at Fairbanks Montessori School

22 ways of how we should Live

Tacoma Narrows Bridge views from below

Alan Tomato Plant

What tickets to buy when visiting Disneyland Park California?

Prayer of Confession

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