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So annoyed at Krabi International airport

We have a power bank that traveled with us across the world and at Krabi International airport the security won't allow to take it back with us. Won't even let us put it in check in baggage. It's really stupid!! It traveled all the way here but can't leave here?!.  Also, no electronics and no jewelries allowed on checkin baggage. CRAZY! It's really annoying, I'm really annoyed with Krabi International airport security system. Krabi, Thailand.

20th Year Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our 20th year wedding anniversary by going on 4 island tour in Andaman sea in Krabi Thailand. We had a great time. After we came back to our hotel, we went in for a Thai massage, it was wonderful. We ended up our night by going to The Beach House Restaurant for tasty dinner. Such an awesome day! Chicken Island Dinner at The Beach House Restaurant View from our bedroom

The widest airport hallways I've seen so far

On our way to Krabi, Thailand. We are in Don Mueang Domestic Airport DMK/Bangkok. This is the widest airport hallways I've ever seen so far.

Early baggage check in at FAI

I called the airport and ask what time is the earliest time we can check our baggage in and I was told 4 hours early. We arrived at the airport around 2:45 am (for 6am flight) with our 8 luggage but nobody at the counter to help us check them in. We waited until 330 and only findd out we couldn't check my mom's and my son's luggage because they were not with present. It would have been nice to know that at 2:45 if only someone was there to help. Now, we dont have much time to go home with our luggage, so my husband ended up staying at the airport while I went home took care of the house, picked up my mom and my son, got all our hand carry bags, and took a taxi to the airport. And yea I tried to use Uber and Lyft but no drivers available. Oh what a stressful early morning with an early check-in baggage at Fairbanks International Airport (FAI)  Dec. 04, 2018

The day after Thanksgiving

It was hard to get up early and get ready for work. And as I walk toward my truck, I saw it was covered of snow about an inch or so. The road was a little bit slick but the snow covered trees was beautiful. I love driving around and seeing snow white covered tress.

Happy Thanksgiving inspite of what's happening

I almost didn't make anything for Thanksgiving dinner. I been sick for few days, stuffy nose and all and I took my husband to ER again last night thinking his having an allergic reaction to medication that the doctor prescribed him. I took him to the ER on Tuesday and the doctor misdiagnosed him, chronic sinusitis. Well the doctor last night confirmed that the rashes thats showed up on my husband head today is shingles. The headaches and eye pain eases up after he took the right medication. He was in pain since Monday. Anyway, I have managed to cook the turkey for the very first time all by myself. My husband said I did a great job. I didn't cook much food but it was more than enough for us. I am thankful for my family, in sickness and in health, we are staying together. Ther are so much to be thankful for. Inspite of what's happening in our lives, I'm thankful to be alive. Happy Thanksgiving!

Snow Covered Berries

Taken the day before Thanksgiving. A snow covered berries in my front yard.

Monday's Rainbow

It was a beautiful Monday morning, sunrise with pinkish sky and rainbow    with 21 °F temperature. Good temp for being in November.

Egg in a bun

We were getting ready for bed when my son said he wants a bread and an egg. He asked for fried egg and put in a bun. Egg in a hamburger bun. He loves it!

Officially started

 October 12th, first frost all over town and snow in some area. Yep winter officially started.

Which one is worst

After the pain here comes an itch. I don't know which one is worst. The pain or the itch that can't be scratched.

Mushrooms picked and cleaned

My friend went out looking for mushrooms to pick and she found a bunch. She brought them to my place and cleaned  them up with my mom. They said it's a lot of work to clean up a mushroom.

Trying Hamme Pool for swim lessons

My son is trying out new place for swim lessons, the Hamme swimming Pool!  Alan's class is twice a week, 45 minutes each, from August 28th thru September 20th. We paid $72 for the lessons which is a good price. They were 6 kids in his class 1 girl and  5 boys. He was a little bit worried that he didn't get to swim a lot. He said he was waiting for his turn even when it's free swim time. I guess he was afraid the instructor will get mad at him or something. New place and new kids to swim with, he did had a good time for first day in Level 2 class.

My boy is with Timberdoodle

My husband and I decided to homeschool our kindergarten boy and we went with Timberdoodle. The box full of materials came in this weekend. Finally my son got to start his homeschool work today with my husband.

Life's Purpose

You have a purpose in Life. Use it wisely and not waste it!

Boy had the pool all to himself

My boy had a great time swimming by himself in the hotel swimming pool in Nashville, Tennessee.

Red Dahlias

I'm enjoying my red dahlias everyday. They don't have much time left, frost and snow will come real soon. Soo sad!

Huge Cucumbers

  Two huge sweet cucumbers we bought from farmer's market for $5

2 heads Lego Man

My son said he made a flying 2 heads Lego man

You are Loved!

You are loved by

My apple tree after 7 years of growing in Fairbanks Alaska

This is my 7 year old apple tree in Fairbanks Alaska. It finally produces and it's really sweet. So happy! Yep, seven years and didn't grow much but at least it produces.



Tricolor Convolvulus

One of my favorite flowers is convolvulus Tricolor. My first time to have it grown in my garden. I love it!

Good to be Home

Had a great trip to Nashville, Tennessee for workers' Comp training. I however got sick on the last day and still sick right now. It's good to be home!



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