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Keeping Alan Warm

Something wrong with our heater and they couldn't fix it until the parts that they need arrive here from lower 48. It's been two nights no heat and hot water. Hopefully it'll get fix today. I'm glad we're not in any below zero temperature outside anymore. Keeping Alan warm.

Just Chillin'

Resting after work and spending time with my Baby Alan.

Imagine That!

14 years of marriage and we just have a 7 month old handsome baby boy. Such a wonderful blessing.

Handsome Alan

Oh yes he is! I'm having a headache right now :(

Goofy Alan

He always does something that make me bust up laughing

Fingers in the Mouth

Alan doesn't like to use pacifier and he didn't really learn to suck his thumb but he likes to put his fingers and sometimes his whole fist into his mouth.

Entertaining Alan

Oh yeah! He can entertain me as long as I pay attention to him. He is a happy baby.

D is for Darling Cute Baby Alan

Hah! That's ABCD in one post. Alan woke up around 3am and finally had a bowel movement. Thank goodness! I was late to work today though because my husband wasn't aware and went to work with my truck keys in his coat pocket. All went well though. I was only late for 10 minutes.

C is for Cute Baby Alan

Yep I'm enjoying this A to Z challenge with my baby Alan theme. Guess what would be my D tomorrow? We went on a little road trip to North Pole today. I picked up the portable breast pump I bought from there. I want to keep producing milk for Alan until at least he's one year old. This battery operated pump should do the work while I'm at work. I only get half an hour lunch at work so I have to divide that between eating and pumping.

B is for Baby Alan

And B is also back to work. I'm glad that my baby and I are doing good with the transition of me working and leaving him all day. He had learned to use his bottle and he is taking solid food now. The only thing I'm worried is that he hasn't had any bowel movement for a week now. I know he had gone 2 weeks before without any poop but that was because he's exclusively taking breastmilk. But now he is taking solid food and no poop for a week. I'm a bit worried.

A is for Adorable Alan


Alan 1/2 year

Time went fast! Alan is already 6 month old. I can't believe how fast he'd grown, he looks like he's not a preemie baby. According to the baby growth chart, his length was already in 75 percentiles and his weight in 50 percentiles. Breast milk rocks! I drove my truck yesterday, first time for over 6 months. A bit scared but I'm glad the road isn't that bad anymore. hmm.. I heard the nurse said I can have some My Life  With Photographs Lorena G. Sims

Waiting for Aurora Borealis Display

I'm staying up late hoping to see some Aurora Borealis display. It was forecast that there will be a good display tonight due to coronal holes. I don't know how good the display from downtown Fairbanks though since there's a lot of lights around. I wish I'm up somewhere away from the city lights and I wish I have a better camera to use so I can take some good pictures. The best Aurora Borealis display I've ever seen was the one in Valdez, Alaska in 2001. It was very colorful almost looks like blood in the sky. I felt bad and sad that I didn't get to take pictures of it. Anyway, here are some Aurora Borealis pictures from Wikipedia . My Life  With Photographs Lorena G. Sims

Update on 100K Baby

I am so blessed! God is indeed greater than my worries and problems. I am still in awe to the blessings that I and my family received. In my 100k baby post I mentioned that I trust in God to help us get through our financial problems and yes he did! and did it big time. From owing almost 100k medical bills to less than $20k. Awesome! The hospital dropped all their charges and my OBGYN doctor cut my bills in half. The pediatrician bills ho wever are still pending, we are still waiting for their decision if they are going to give us a break or not. But anyway, at least our bills now are payable and will not make us go hungry or homel ess . Now, we can save our money towards our baby's future and not to medical bills. Although some of our medical bills are already in collection ag ency but I have no fear, I know it ruins my credit score but it will get paid in time if not soon . God is good all the time! I am very grateful for God's blessing an d thankful for the per

100k Baby

In February of last year, Joel and I decided to drop/cancel our medical insurance since we are living in Philippines and the medical cost there are reasonably cheap. We thought we wouldn't need it  since we haven't been using it for at least couple years and we've been paying $1000 dollars a month. Sometime in March the cancellation of our medical insurance got finalized and in April 4th we found out that I'm already 12 weeks pregnant.What a shock! We were just going to stay in Philippines and give birth there but after talking to someone in the US embassy in Manila, Joel and I decided to come back here in US due to paper works and whatnot. In August 6th, I'm already in my 28th weeks pregnancy when we arrived here in Fairbanks, Alaska. I was hoping and praying that I'll give birth naturally. However, things didn't go the way I hoped for and wanted to be. In September 12th, I gave birth to a beautiful son c-section due to he was breach and 6 weeks early.

A Blessing Indeed!

After 14 years of marriage, my husband and I been blessed with a baby boy who is now 4 months old. We thought we never could have any offspring. It didn't bother us before that we didn't had any baby for the past years. But now, we sure are grateful for this wonderful blessing. Our precious, we named him Alan Gasmin Sims. April 4th of last year, I went to obgyn for a check up because I've been feeling tummy discomfort. I been having that discomfort for the past 2 months, I thought it was just a gas or something like that. But as I was walking in the clinic, the receptionist asked me,"how many months?" I told her that "Oh I'm not pregnant" After so many years, I was not expecting to be pregnant. However the doctor said that I should get a urine test. I did that and after a minute we found out that I'm indeed pregnant. Pregnant! really! I couldn't describe how I felt that moment. Overjoyed and excited I couldn't hold my tears. I told the


In July last year my husband and I took a short trip to Singapore. Since it was our first time there, we really had a difficult time trying to figure out how to get tickets for train/bus and how to use it. So in order to get to our hotel we had to ride a train then a bus. We figured out about the train and rode on it but when we got to the bus stops we got confused. There were so many buses, so many people, and we don't know which bus to take. We asked around but people seems to not know what bus we should take in order to get to our hotel. After several minutes of confusion, we decided to just take a taxi. Taxi fare wasn't that bad at all.  But once we figured out how to use the tickets and what buses to take, it was great! Riding trains and buses was the cheapest way to get around Singapore. When we are checking in in our hotel, we couldn't find my husband's passport. oh boy! we lost his passport. So the next day we went looking for Police Station to report his lost



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