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Batteries dead

It's raining and i just got off work. I got home and the dogs were begging me to take them out. So I decided to take the car. I haven't drove this car for awhile (I love my avalanche) neither turnning it on. When I let the dogs out, I forgot to turn the headlights off but it was less than 5 minutes when I noticed it but here I am, car won't start..

Abby & Farcom

Taking advantage of the beautiful day. Taking advantage of the river while it's not frozen.

Angel Rocks Hike

8/22/09 It took me an extra 20 minutes to get to Angel Rocks because of the road work in Chena Hot Spring road. The road works didn't really bother me, I had a good music to listen to. Angel Rocks Hiking trail is 48.9 mile chena hot spring road or 50+ mile from Fairbanks. I did hike the 3.5 mile loop and it took me 2 hours which is not bad. Trailhead elevation: 1000 ft, (305 m) Highest elevation: 1750 ft, (533 m) I had Abby and Farcom on leash just for the start. It was hot afternoon and going up hill is like going up hill. I had to stop several times just to catch my breath. Poor Farcom.. so tired that he just laid there and tried to keep his body from rolling down.

Chena Hot Spring

After my 2 hours hike in Angel Rocks Trail, I headed to Chena hot spring resort to see what's left of the 2009 renewable energy fair. Not much left, some people were already cleaning up, but I've seen some people I know and I had an ice cream, it was good. cars were parked on the side of the road half a mile from chena hot spring.

Don't be afraid

It comes and it goes. Trust and be strong in Jesus name.

Ginger Tea

I love ginger tea, I drink at least 2 cups a day. My friend Brenda didn't like it but she made me a cup with a note.

Angel Rock Trail

Lets go for a hike.... Come, follow me. This is the Angel Rocks Trailhead. To park the car cost $5.00 nice walkway, just for the start.. Follow the sign! Wait, this sign pointing up towards heaven, hmm okey.. I was good at following, see where it got me. But it's good to be me. the sky was blue, pretty nice day Out of breath, need to rest and enjoy the scene. Tree star sky... I don't know, it doesn't make sense... but that's me! Love the formations of the rocks Felt good being in the higher ground, but not the highest though. If I could only control the tingling and nervous system in my body, I could climb that rock.. but better luck next life.. The Trail map



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