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Walked the Dog at the Snow-packed Park

After dinner, we walked the dog to the park. It was a bit chilly and the park is packed with snow. My dog loves the walk but my 6 yrs old  son whined. He said his feet are tired but I think he was cold. Anyway, it was a good walked to the snow-packed park. This is what life in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Relaxation Massage in Fairbanks

My shoulders been sore and has been bothering me for few days so after work today I decided to go and get a massage. I went to Relaxation Massage as a walk-in. I was told it's about 15 minute wait. I was fine with the wait, it was pretty relaxing anyway just setting there waiting. I almost fall asleep if not for my cellphone. I decided to take just the 20 minute chair massage for $24. It was perfectly what I needed. My painful shoulders got all what it needed. It was just enough time for my muscle to get loosen up and for knots to get unknotted. I felt so relaxed and I will definitely go back. Relaxation Massage in Fairbanks is conveniently located at : 1255 Airport Way Ste 2, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701. Phone number (907) 799-4747 Business hours are from 10am - 8pm Monday - Saturday and Sunday 11am - 7pm.

Friends Bonding Snow Tubing at Fort Wainwright Birch Hill Ski and Snowboard Area

Saturday afternoon, the weather was great, it was sunny and the temperature was around 16 degree Fahrenheit. I invited my friends to go snow tubing with me and my son and I'm glad they did. We had a blast! It was a great day bonding with friends. Since we have an ID to get in Fort Wainwright military base, we didn't had to stop at visitor center for a day pass to get to Birch Hill Ski Resort. The tubing hill is only open Saturday and Sunday and offer two sessions for 3 hour each. 1st sessions starts at 11am - 2pm and 2nd at 2pm - 5pm. The ticket price for tubing for non DOD (non-military) adult was $16 and youth $10 for a session. The hill is 800 feet long but the lift made it easy to get back up hill. It takes a while though to get back up but the ride was enjoyable. Alan and Frank  Me and my Friends Alan went on his own. This was his first day ever of snow tubing at Fort Wainwright Birch Hill Frank with his tube our group - 6 of us went d

Unexpected help

Ever since I can remember, nobody had offer to help with shoveling snow in our parking lot. Yesterday, my husband, my son, and I were shoveling the snow, chipping the ice, and moving them on a pile by the side of the road. Our neighbor and his friend came to help, when they were done helping another guy with his pickup truck that has plow offered to help moved the chipped ice to the pile, which was a lot of chipped ice. I was in awe with all that unexpedted help. I'm so glad and grateful.

How I protect my skin from getting sunburned

Here's what I do to protect my skin while sunbathing on the beach. To not get sunburned, I sunbathed under a tree. I was so content!

Loving the daylight on my way home from work.

It's February in Fairbanks and loving how the daylight is gaining more everyday. I love going home with this view and on top of that it's 12゚ farenheit. Awesome! Pretty soon it'll all be daylight.

Stayed in Condo at 150 Newport by Homebeds in Pasay City

I booked this place through while we're in Manila for 2 nights before our flight  back to the US. The condo need some TLC but the location is great! Love the location! It's so close to the airport. Within walking distance to Metro Supermarket, convenience stores, restaurants, banks, Atm, etc.  and less than 300 peso grab fare to Mall of Asia. Nothing fancy with the condo but it met our needs. Before we left SAMGYUPALAMAT unlimited Korean BBQ just across the street from the condo. Restaurant next to the condo Outside the condo waiting for Grab Car. Those people in line waiting for bus to Newport Mall etc..

What I like at Narita Japan International Airport

 I love how spacious the restrooms are and not only that, I like the options that's on the wall.  It has Spray, Bidet, and sound. How cool is that?! Flush button is also on the wall. So far, Narita Airport have the best airport restroom I've seen and been. The doors are red and folding doors. And that is what I like at Narita, Japan International airport.

Annoying Kababayan at Baggage Claim Carousel in NAIA T3

I waited patiently behind yellow line but so many Pilipino kababayans scooched themselves in front of me and had their heads and backs right on my face. So annoying kababayan! Just because there's a space between me (the signage) and the Carousel doesn't mean you can just park your annoying butts in there while waiting for your baggage. Everybody's waiting and also in a rush to go somewhere. Respeto namn sana kahit kaunti lang. Wait behind yellow line!!! This was at NAIA Terminal 3

First Day Back Home

For two months, the snow on my truck wasn't bad. I was grateful that when we arrived home (January 29) the temperature outside was two digit above zero. Glad to be home.  Joel was getting my truck ready.   It may be the last winter for our trampoline. Looking through my ice frosted glass door. 

First day back to work after Vacation and government shutdown

Today was my first day back to work after my long vacation overseas and also after the longest government shutdown in US history. I showed up to work and my Christmas decor was still up. Some of my co workers just returned to work  few days ago after the shutdown. I'm really grateful that someone watered my plants during the shutdown. First day back to work and no sleep.  I've been up 29 hours now. I haven't adjusted to the time here yet. I couldn't sleep last night my body was telling me it's not time to sleep yet, being it was daytime overseas. I went to work with no sleep and worked all day long. But I survived! This was on my way back home. I do love the sunsets and sunrises here in Fairbanks, Alaska. They do put out great shows.



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