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Loving the drive to work

I have been enjoying my drive to work in the mornings because of the beautiful sunrises. I'm soaking it all up now while it lasts because I know it won't be long until the sunrise will happen when I'm still in bed. With the daylight gaining more and more everyday pretty soon sunrises will happen way early around 3 or 4 in the morning. But for now, I'm loving my drive to work with this beautiful show.

I Don't Know What To Do with My Shortness of Breath

What causes it? What triggers it? It has been a mystery to me. Two years ago I went through this breathing problem also called dyspnea or shortness of breath. I've been in and out of my doctors office and went under several tests but all came up clear.  My breathing problem eventually went away after few months of struggles. However, it came back again last year but only for a month. Yesterday I was in the hot tub for not even 5 minutes when I started having shortness of breath again. I had to yawn just to catch up with my breathing. I had a difficult time falling to sleep last night just because of it. I'm very tired right now, keeping up with deep breathing all day is tiring. I have a headache and my neck is also in pain from all of that.  I don't know what to do. Should I go back to my doctor? get more test or procedures done? or should I try to figure out on my own? Try a different approach? I don't know how but I know I got to do something. Here is my po

How did you do with the Northern Lights Show?

Few days ago we got notified that there will be a great Northern Lights show. A  huge geostorm that will give a chance to several state in lower 48 to see the northern lights display.  It was exciting. A lot of people got really excited. The hope was high, so many people stayed up waiting for the big thing to happened. Some drove far away, away from city light pollution. I've lived here in Fairbanks Alaska for about 2 decades now, I have never stayed up so late but last night for the first time ever,  I stayed and waited for the Northern Light show.  I was really excited. I haven't got a chance yet this year to capture the northern lights show . Normally, when I'm up at night, I looked out the window and if I see a northern lights, I would go out and watched. But last night I stayed up until 5:30 in the morning. It was alright though because I know I was not alone. Yes thousands of people stayed up! I kept checking the NOAA website, Northern lights App, Facebook notific

Do you know What day is it? Happy National Goof Off Day!

Are you ready to do something out of the ordinaire today?An entire day to be silly and goofy! Do you know what day today is? Today is not just Friday March 22nd. Today is National Goof Off Day!  Why I have only heard of it just yesterday? I would have celebrated this every year if I've only known it. According to National Day Calendar goof off day started in 1976. It started before I was born! I know some people celebrate goof off day everyday and really good at it. Maybe I'll follow one of them today. I am ready! ready to seize the day. It's my day to excuse myself to do lots of nothing. I hope you'll enjoy your day too. Happy goof off day and yes happy Friyayyy as well.  Just being goofy goof off and watch movie?

Taxi Service in Philippines and Thailand

I love how convenient having the Uber and Lyft taxi service around. They made my traveling life easy, convenient and a little secure especially when traveling to places I've never been before.  My recent trip to Thailand and Philippines, I found out they don't use Uber nor Lyft but what they have is called Grab. It's pretty much the same. Knowing how much it would cost me before hand made a lot of difference. I can track the driver's location and know where I'm going using the map on the app.  I had so many bad experiences by using regular taxi while in Manila for example. They either charged me too much, or drive me in circle just to get the meter going up, or to a driver who was jacking off while driving us home from the airport. That one is hard to forget, yikes!  But don't get me wrong, they are still some good taxi drivers out there.  If you are traveling to this country I suggest you to download the app Grab . Opt out on using your credit card, us

My Theme for 2019 A2Z Challenge

I am joining the April blogging A to Z challenge again and this year my theme would be My experience living in Fairbanks Alaska. I will be sharing photos I've taken, places I've been, activities I did and some interesting things that I have experience while living in the Golden Heart City of Alaska and it's called Fairbanks. The challenge starts on Monday April 1st. Stay Tuned and follow me!

How My Son Lost His First Tooth

My son lost a tooth at 6 years old. He was eating an apple and suddenly lost his tooth. He cried hard because he was worried that he'll become toothless and he was scared when he saw his blood. Poor boy! He didn't know that he will lost his baby teeth eventually. The thing is he never mentioned anything about his tooth getting loose or wigley and we found out that a new tooth is already growing behind it. Anyway, his tooth was missing and no where to be found. I'm pretty sure he swallowed it.The first tooth he lost and no visit from tooth fairy. The tooth fairy usually comes during at night when the child is sleeping and not after pooping. Just saying. Blame it to the Apple When he lost his first tooth  After a month this is what his new tooth looks like now. I'm worried that he may need to get a brace later on because of where is tooth is.

Footprints in the Snow

I captured few footprints in the snow on my walked to the park with sandy the dog, my hubby, and my son. Bearpaw Sorrel  Columbia 

I'm Feeling the Bad Effect of Daylight Saving Time

Two days after the 2019 Daylight Saving Time and I'm really feeling it. The effect of DST to me is so bad that I'm so stressed out. Lack of sleep causes domino effect on my daily life. I know it's only one hour change, but it's one hour too early too many.  I had a difficult time going to sleep Sunday night and on top of that I had to get up an hour early than I used to. Last night, I went through the same thing again. It is so bad and so stressful. I had a difficult time functioning at work.  Why do we still follow or observed Daylight Saving Time? It may have worked several decades ago but all it does now is causing a bad effect to our health.  Changing time -  an hour  - spring forward and fall back, need to stop. Oh please, could we make it permanent? leave the clock alone?! The sun shines after a whole of snow.  Flag at work - I raised it up this morning and down before I went home this evening.  

Visit to Ice Alaska's New Home

Stunning and intricate Artwork. Amazing sculptures shaped from block of ice. Spectacular show and an activity to remember. Welcome to Ice Alaska! Out of Reach Ice Wall of Alaska It was Friday after work, my family and friends decided to go see the new home of Ice Alaska and of course see the ice sculptures. One of my friend paid for all our entrance fees, see the cost below. We had a great time. My 6 years old boy Alan and his friend Frank had a good time playing on the slides and on ice sculptures. Great for the whole family. But make sure though if you go, to dress up warm and don’t let the sun fool’s you. You can enjoy park better if you are comfortable warm. My friends and I Alan and Frank on Ice Throne Frank and Alan playing on ice sculptures Ice sculptors from all over around the world come to Fairbanks, Alaska for annual ice art competition and exhibition to show their amazing skills. The Ice Alaska found a new home this year at Tanana Vall



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