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April 23, 2010 Might be the last one!

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Creamers Field

Sunday afternoon after church, I wanted to go for a walk and so I called my cousin and friends if they want to join me, I was glad they did. It was hot but breezy and the trail that we took was pretty cool. We took the Boreal Forest trail and it was only 2 miles or so. I won't be in the picture because I'm the one behind the camera with my obnoxious dog Farcom. My Company. From left to right: Janice, Marissa, Kathy, Jasmine, Wilma, Selena

2010 Graduation

Brain cells flickered if not dead, all the sleepless night, the pain and suffering has paid off. This is only the first level though, and I'm planning on continuing if God willing. I know that whatever I do and accomplished in my life, if God's not in it, there would be no satisfaction. For my friends and family who didn't know about my graduation, please forgive me. And for those who knew at the last minute and came, thank you. Yes, it was my choice to not say anything about my graduation because I don't wanna brag. I got a lectured though by a good friend about what is bragging and what is sharing...I learned but I think it killed more of my brain cells.                      May 16, 2010 @ The Carlson Center, Fairbanks, Alaska

Bike to work week

Yes I did it! Today is Friday, My final day for bike to work week. I have been riding my bike to work everyday and I may continue riding it next week. I just love riding my bike, I've seen so many benefits doing it and I love the fragrance of new blossom trees.

Fun Run

My first run for this year, The 5K Chena River Run 5/1/10. I did alright but looking forward to be better. My 2nd run was tonight 5/5/10, The 5k Water Walk and Run. It was raining/snowing earlier but it stopped just before we started to run. 



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