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Family Farm

Short visit to the family farm a Durian fruit farm  Joel's checking out the durian. He doesn't like eating durian not because of the stinky smell but because of the taste. Weird because most people here likes the taste but not the smell. Check out how stinky the durian is DURIAN .  look how low the fruits are The kids of hired help in the farm Farm house/house of another hired help. Sometimes my mom spend a few days there because she's tired of going up and down the mountain just to go home and be back the next day. Simple and peaceful living. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. My mom likes it there. Road to the farm. My Aunt Warlyn was trying to find a way to get to the other side of the stream and not to get wet.

Bacngeb Alliance Church

Truly, there's a reason to celebrate! I'm glad to had the opportunity to attend the Thanksgiving Celebration, Child dedication and Christmas party of this church. I was amazed on how the congregation come together and gave the best they can or they have even if it means there's nothing left for tomorrow. Faith, Love and Joy! When my dad passed away, my mom decided to give a little portion of the property for church building. She knew that my dad was planning about it before he left. The church isn't finish yet but they already have almost 100 members and most of them are children. Almost all the members are T'boli (one of the indigenous group of people in the Philippines) I couldn't understand them when they start talking.   Back of the Church The parsonage or the pastor's house. This is their only bedroom an all purpose room. The entrance to the room   The church back yard  Children's in line and ready

Guam Trip Info

Does anyone here can tell me where to go and what to do in Guam for 3 days. My mom and I are planning to make a short trip there. We have a limited budget, so any information about Guam would be great .

Happy New Year

Greetings from the eastern hemisphere. I wish everyone to have a peaceful and prosperous new year. God bless!



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