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How to deal with Hypocrite?

Don't deal, just stay away! I have no problem dealing with this kind of people because I don't deal, I just stay away from them as much as I can. I can't trust hypocrite and I have no respect for such an individual. So why deal, right?! I'd rather invest my time blogging. For me, you got to live what you preach or teach. Just like you can't be a christian just because you read and know the bible. Even if you memorize the whole bible, still doesn't make you a Christian. Just like,you sleeping in the garage doesn't make you a car.

Winter Storm in Fall

Winter Storm in Fall or I would say we had a taste of Winter for about a week in Fall here in Fairbanks, Alaska. I thought we had an early winter but actually we're having a long Fall and it's Awesome! I can't complain.   These 2 pictures are of the same street. The picture above was taken Oct. 11th and the bottom one was in Sept. 29th



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