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Retirement Cake

Zombies new show on Disney Channel

My son in the sun with warm blanket

Yawning not a lady thing?

Xterminate the Ants

What a huge cinnamon roll

Venetie, Alaska


Tulips blooming in Skagit County

Eye of the Storm

Snowing again in Fairbanks

Rubbing tired feet with Castor oil

Quinoa everyday

Pack Testing for Fire Familiarization training

Organic Banana

Nice Sunny Day but Breezy

Always be thankful

My boy and the puddle

Little Alan boy walked 3 miles outdoors

Kiss and say Goodnight

Jar of candies disappeared

Interview Panel

God of all my days

Honest Kids

God Book

Fairbanks Welcome You

Endurance to walk 3 miles with...


Cars and Couch Cushions

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