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Exploring The Natural Bridge of Death Valley National Park in California

Natural Bridge was our fourth stop on our journey to Death Valley National Park. Our timing to visit Natural bridge was just right. It was sunny but not hot, breezy but not cold. The trail up to the bridge was not crowded, in fact there were only a couple ahead of us and then we met a couple from Fairbanks Alaska on their way back to the parking lot, it was so cool meeting them.  The hike to the bridge was great, a slight incline but on a wide gravel road. The walk to the Natural Bridge is only 0.3 of a mile (about a 10 minute walk) and just few more steps past the bridge is the Dry Waterfall.  My 8 year old son had a hard time getting to the dry waterfall but he made it. On our way back to the parking lot was an easy walk downhill and the views are beautiful looking over the valleys, the mountains, and the salt flats.  Getting from Badwater Rd to the Natural Bridge is about 1.5 miles of gravel road. The parking lot is okay with restroom and information sign. Natural Bridge was our 4th

Exploring the Lowest Point in North America, the Badwater Basin Salt Flats in Death Valley National Park California

Badwater Basin Salt Flats in Furnice Creek road is about 140 miles from Las Vegas. But since our journey did not start from Las Vegas, we had a shorter drive. We only drove about 76 miles from Pahrump, Nevada to Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park California . Badwater Basin was our third stop on this adventure. We've explored Zabriskie Point and Devils Golf Course before coming here.  It was a great time to come and visit this place (January)  the sunshine warms the cool breeze. It made it so easy to walk and explore the area. We enjoyed our time there, exploring the area, walking on the salt flats, seeing salt crystal in the water,  and being in the lowest point in North America is amazing.  The Sea Level sign on the mountain side was nice.  Please watch our video below...way down below to learn more about Badwater Basin and see our little exploration.   Please check the other places we've explored on our journey to Death Valley National Park.  5. Artist Drive and



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