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Free to be Me

‘Cause I got a couple dents in my fender Got a couple rips in my jeans Try to fit the pieces together  But perfection is my enemy On my own I'm so clumsy But on Your shoulders I can see I'm free to be me I Love this song by    Francesca Battistelli

Strained Knee

As you all know that I'm in pain. The left side of my body is in pain. Well, Friday night I slipped on ice and strained my left knee. What a luck! but the good thing is I can still walk and drive. I'm just sad that I didn't get to go snowboarding today and I'm afraid that by the time I'm healed, the snow is gone. Oh well, I guess there's always next winter. 

I'm in Pain

I have been seeing chiropractor, doctors, and getting massages for sometimes now because of my body pain but nothing seems to make it feel better. I've been getting this pain on the left side of my body for few months now. From my neck or sometimes half of my head all the way down to my left foot, it felt like my body is numbing.  Well, the pain has been on and off for few months but for more than a month now, it doesn't go away, it just stays on all the time.  Today, I'm in so much pain. I called to see a doctor but they couldn't see me until next month so I decided to just walk in the clinic. When I was asked what's going on and as soon as I said that my left side of my body is in pain, they attended to me immediately. I didn't even have to wait in the lobby for hours, it's kind of nice to get their attention right away. I think they thought that I'm having a stroke or something bit thank God its not was it was. Anyway, I start my physical therapy tomo

Loren's PaJack #1

Yep! I did cook last Sunday night and it turn out very good. It was healthy and delicious meal. It's my own recipe, but I don't have the name for it yet. I think I might start cooking, it's kinda exciting mixing stuff together and having no idea how it will turn out.

Can't Sleep?

"When I'm worried and I can't sleep. I count my blessings instead of sheep, and I fall asleep counting my blessings When my bankroll is getting small. I think of when I had none at all, and I fall asleep counting my blessings"  I love this song. I first heard it from Jose Marie Chan, a good singer from the Philippines.

Stuffed Toys for Dogs

Joel and I bought these stuffed toys at the local used store for our dogs. It's not even a month and I can't find any of these inside the house. Since Joel installed the doggy door,  the dogs are in and out with their toys. Rocky and Farcom really had fun with the toys but the toys didn't last long, the dogs torn them to pieces and scattered them outside the house. If only I could fine them $500 for lettering, but I can't because they're unemployed. darn! Abby played alone, the two dogs scarred of her because she's a little mean. She is sweet but a little aggressive, I think its because she is part shepherd. 3-21-01


My Dad riding my Albino Carabao That's my Dad riding my albino carabao (water buffalo). I'm sad that we had to sell this carabao. It is rear to find an albino carabao. My Dad sold it in fear of it getting stolen and also to free up some money. This carabao has been a big help in the farm, but it just have to go. My parents are coming here soon to visit me and there was no one there to take care of it. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It's St. Patrick's Day, I'm wearing green but I didn't eat any Irish food. However, I ate some broccoli which is green, so I guess that counts. Not much went on today. I went to lunch with my friends and just kept my self busy working all day. I'm sore though, this pain in my back just killing me. oh! I need a massage. I miss my sweetheart.  Anyway, he asked me to take a picture of myself because he wanted to see me and because he misses me. so here it is.. 

Things has it's end

Asparagus Fern, I bought this plant sometime in Feb of 2007 (there was a story behind it). It was just a tinny little plant that after I transplanted it and brought it to my workplace, it went crazy. It was so healthy and the branches were all over. I received so many compliments on how beautiful this plant was and how I got this kind of plant to survived. For almost 2 years it gives me pleasure. But I guess things has it ends. For some reason, this plant just stop growing and just gave up. I tried what I could to keep it alive but I couldn't keep it from dying. I finally cut all the dead branches off yesterday (3-16-09) I'm sad for loosing the plant but it's ok I guess, at least I  have a story to tell that once upon a time....

Got it done!

I start installing wood floor yesterday and finally got it done today, after work. 

Friday the 13th

It was my first snowboarding without my sweetheart. I did just fine but thank goodness nothing bad happen to me. I went with Garry (the network guy) he is a beginner to, but he can snowboard better than I can. Oh well, in time, I'll be good at it.  We had fun and made fun of each other.  The weather was nice all day, it was warm and it was sunny. We went to Moose Mountain Ski Resort. I like the trails there and of course the busses. 

Spring Break

Yey! a 4 day weekend. I don't mind if it's not Spring yet, I'm just happy to get some time off. I might go snowboarding this weekend. I don't feel comfortable though going out there without Joel. I never went without him. I guess I need to learn to be independent but just to think about it, I'm scared. Anyway, I need to do some cleaning around here. Hopefully, I get something done. I took this picture from my car window while waiting for Joel to  fill up our fuel tank. This was on our way to Moose mountain ski.

Mr. Sims

Such a nice guy. He captured these pictures.  The first 2 were from moose mountain ski resort, I think he got tired of taking pictures of me and waiting for me to get down the hill. I don't blame him.  The last picture was taken from our front yard. It's mountain ash. He likes the way the snow was covering the red berries. I like it too.

My First Day Alone

For over 2 months, I haven't drove for a single day. My husband did all the driving, the cooking and more. I took him to the airport this morning before I went to work and today was a very bad day for driving. There were few inches of snow on the ground and it's kind of slushy and it didn't stop snowing the whole day and I believe it still snowing outside. I was so scared driving but I had no choice.  oh! I miss my husband. I miss him not because he does things for me but because I love him. We always have a good time together. He can make me laugh until I cry. He is just a wonderful person. I have been spoiled terribly that I felt like one of my legs were being cut-off. He does things for me even if I don't ask him to. This are example of the things he does that I don't asked him to do. When he comes to pick me up at work, he always brought me a chai tea latte (my substitute for coffee in the evening). Most of the time when we got home, he already made our dinner s

Moose Mountain Ski

(02-28-09) It was the best day I've ever had skiing. Fresh few inches of powder snow was on the ground and the temperature was warm it was awesome. There were spots that I couldn't even see my skis. Oh! it was beautiful. I really like moose mountain because it has a lot of nice trails and the bus ride to the top was a plus.  Sooo, I fell down a lot but that didn't stop me for doing it more.   He is the best, he can ski well and he can ski fast but as I said before, he skied with me patiently. A very patient man.  



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