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Brenda is not scared of Mitch anymore, she got over it, brave soul. I don't think I'll ever get over my fair of the snake. Mitch had gotten so big since I last saw him.

My Memorial Day Weekend

I had a good weekend.. I did my garden and cleaned the yard. My friends and I went to The Knotty Shop and had an ice cream. I had a scoop of cherry vanilla and a scoop of butter pecan. We also went to Chena Lake. I drove them there since they never been there. There was a lot of people swimming and enjoying the nice weather. This was in front of Santa Clause House in North Pole Reindeer inside the fence Picture with Santa My friends and I wired...not sure why it's like this celebrating the Memorial Weekend Abby and Farcom were having fun

Feel no pain

I'm so very very happy that the bondage and the stitch are gone. I can't believe that they wrapped my whole leg for just 3 little stitch. But oh well, I'm glad it's over and it only took a week and not 2. Now, I just need to do my exercises to get it working back to normal.. Thanks everyone for prayers.

Water Play

Abby and Farcom played in the water for the first time this year. However, this was Farcom's first time ever. I'm so glad that he loves playing in the water because Abby loves swimming.

Knee Arthroscopy

This was me last week, cleaning the front yard. The snow melted, the garbage came out. I was hoping that I didn't need surgery for my knee but... I had a tear of the body of the medial meniscus and tear of the femoral insertion of the medial collateral ligament. My Doctor said I can let it go but it will cause more problem in the future. I was still in pain and it was already more than six weeks since my injury, so I decided to go ahead and have a surgery done. This is my friend Miss Marissa and me waiting at the lobby. I'm so lucky to have her as my friend. She actually asked to be off work so that she can be there for me and take care of me. She really did take good care of me. Bless her heart. all ready for surgery, just resting and waiting. huhuhu .. poor legs, my beautiful leg is all bandage up and sore. What am I gonna do for two long weeks before they'll take it off? I'm so glad though that everything went all right.

Anchorage Trip

My trip to Anchorage with my Aunt Ruffa was pretty good, even though I wasn't feeling well I enjoy the trip. We checked in at Holiday Inn Express. The hotel was alright but a little noisy. A poll and a hot tub was nice after the a long day on our feet, shopping. Miss Rose came and joined us on our trip back to Fairbanks. Me, Mama Lou, Miss Ruffa and Miss Grace. Mama Lou and Miss Grace are my relatives who lives in Anchorage but this was the first time I met them. On our way back to Fairbanks we saw few caribou on the road. This was the reason why I made a trip to Anchorage. My Husband got me a new baby, Chevy Avalanche 2500. I love it! It was a smooth 6 hrs ride to Fairbanks. 



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