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Boy Throws Tantrum over swimming and Dog Howling with him

Happy leap year day! There's a little note on Facebook about do something special on Feb. 29. So, I thought I should take my little boy to the pool since he hasn't been there since he was 2 years old and I know he would love to go swimming. We went to Mary Siah Recreation Center for their 4-4:45pm open swim. Thought that should be enough time for him. He was shivering the whole time we were on the pool but still didn't want to get out of water. I have managed to get him out but on our way out he started to say "go swimming". Go swimming, swimming, swimming! I told him we go swim again tomorrow but he doesn't listen. When we got home, he didn't want his jacket nor his boots taken off. He throws tantrum and our dog Sandy howls with him too. I think he spent more time crying and kept saying Go Swimming than his swimming time. Watch his video below to see his reaction and listen to him and the dog.

Who's birthday is it?

My boy think every time there's a birthday cake, it's his birthday. It's funny seeing his reaction when I said it's not his birthday its daddy's birthday. He screamed NO it's baby! and he started to cry. So this is what we did to daddy's cake. Watch what he did on grandma's birthday!



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