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Toys for Kids

We have been gathering some used clothes , books and toys to be sent overseas for the less fortunate children.  Last week, when we were out driving around looking for garage sales, we've come across the couple who donated all these toys. They have told us that whatever they don't get sold, they'll give it to us. So, here it is, lots of toys and books ready to be pack and ship. I know that lots of kids will be happy and glad to receive them. " Pay it Forward "

Fall I Love

Another beautiful Fall day today. I have been loving the warm weather down here and I just love the brilliant Fall colors. I took these pictures today and maybe I'll take some more tomorrow. The first picture was taken outside our house and it's in our neighbors yard. The rest of these pictures was taken at the parking lot of Cost Cutters I can't think of anything to write right now because the TV is on and I can't think while listening and watching. So I guess I just leave you with this verse. "The one who trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will flourish like a green leaf." Proverbs 11:28


"Watch out and guard yourself from all types of greed, because one's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions" Luke 12:15

Crab Pot Seafood Restaurant -Seattle

The place was full when we arrived there. We actually had to wait about 30 minutes to be seated. The wait was well worth it. This place serves awesome food. We ordered the Alaskan Sea-feast. For the 4 of us, we had 10 lbs of mussels , clams , king crab , snow crab , dungeness crab , shrimp , corn on the cob , sausage , potato and the compliment of sourdough bread . Mmmmmm, that was absolutely sea-feast. We had a hard time eating it all, but we did prevail. We didn't get any silver ware but what we got was bib, wooden mallet and a crab whacking board. It was finger food all the way..the way I like it! Outside the Crab Pot Restaurant on Pier 57 Miners landing

Hells Gate

As promised, here are the rest of the pictures on our trip from Fairbanks, Alaska to Bellingham, Washington. These are the series of pictures taken from Hells Gate Airtram, British Columbia, Canada. Since the hell's gate was on our way, we decided to ride the tram down, to the other side of the river or the Fraser Canyon. We enjoyed the tour, we even bough us some fudge. Their Fudge factory has 231 different flavors and their motto is : "Calories are only a matter of the mind, if you don't mind, it don't matter!"  

Moving Trip to Bellingham

Here are some of the pictures I took during our trip down to Bellingham, Washington. It was a good trip overall, it took us 5 days to do over 2000 miles.  It would have been sooner but we have heavy load, about 15 thousand pounds so we took our time driving down. We left Fairbanks July 16 about 3 pm. My Aunt came along for the trip down then she flew back to Fairbanks We use Alaskan Highway South until we hit the junction for Stewart-Cassiar Hwy and took that road down. One of the stop we took for our dogs to play in the water. This place was in Kluane Lake in Yukon Territory This is the beginning of Yukon River My Mother and my Aunt The Cassiar Highway We had one indecent. One of the trailer tire blow-out, I think because of the heat of the road plus the heavy load. We are so lucky that when it happen we are close to town (Kitwanga, British Columbia) We spent few hours waiting for help. After our tire got changed, we spent the night at 'Ksan Campground, Hazelton One way br



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