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What (sickness) do I have?

 It has been more than 6 weeks now since I started not feeling well. I have all the symptoms for Covid-19 patients but what I have is not Covid-19. I had my first Moderna vaccine on March 29th and April 25th was my second one. Within a month I had 3 Covid-19 test and all came back negative. So what do I have then? What Sickness do I have? Symptoms:  Fever  Chills  Rashes  Cough  Sore body  Headaches  Sinus Pressure  night sweats nauseous congested stomach pain I was prescribe bacterial antibiotic and some other medications including Prednisone. All is gone now but I'm still sick. So What sickness do I have ? here's the story of how it started. Medicines I had for the past 6 weeks How it started? I was in Arizona and the last weekend of March that I was there the weather was into 99 degree Fahrenheit, It was hot! Then on April 6th  I flew to Fairbanks, Alaska and it was cold!. The weather went down to -15 deg. F with blowing wind, that made it too cold. I spent a week in Fairban



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