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Toad River Lodge and RV Park

Toad River Lodge and RV park is about 647 kilometer from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada. We stopped there for a night on our way to Alaska. This place is known for world famous hat collection. Although, I didn't get to go inside the office/store/restaurant to take a picture of the hats due to covid-19 pandemic. Following the rules of staying away and isolating while driving through Canada. Toad River Lodge are open year round. They have restaurant, gift shop, lodge with motel, cabins, laundromat, WiFi, satellite TV, gas, diesel, propane, tire repair, pull-thru site with full hookups, free firewood, greyhound bus, post office, and the spectacular views of the Reflection lake and mountains behind it. We enjoyed our one night stay and we love the place and definitely will be stopping by again if or when  we drive through Alaska hwy again.  Birds house with birds on them are all around the park and it's so cool to watch them I wish the swan was closer but still is a beautif

Third Day Drive on Beautiful British Columbia to Alaska

It was Wednesday June 17, 2020 our third day driving to Alaska through beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  We left Caron Creek RV park in Chetwynd around 8:46 A.M.  A little late start that we would have like but at least we are on the road before 9am. From Chetwynd BC, Canada we went ahead and used the Braden Road near Dawson Creek instead of going to Hudson's Hope Hwy 29. This way we skip Dawson Creek. Braden Road Image Location British Columbia Canada 55.985, -120.703 Image Location British Columbia Canada 55.981, -120.741 Our Stops Our first stop of the day was in Taylor Brake Check and Rest Area . There was a construction going on so it was traffic a little bit. We ate our breakfast there at the rest stop while we watched drivers waiting for the pilot car to take them thru the construction area.  AH yes! the road constructions  in Taylor BC Image Location British Columbia Canada  56.096,-120.642 Watch our video driving through beautiful Taylor hill  Image Location British Co

Our Second Day of Driving Through British Columbia to Alaska

We left Willow's Spring Resort around 8:08 in the morning of June 16, 2020. A few miles down the road is the town of Clinton. Nice little town, too bad we can't explore due to Covid-19. Going in to the town of Williams Lake Our first stop was at Williams Lake rest area and had our breakfast there. Pretty nice area with rest rooms, picnic tables, garbage dump, and view of the lake.  Our breakfast Eating our breakfast and enjoying the view of Williams Lake Around 12:20 We had to take a quick stop in Quesnel to take pictures of the huge gold pan. This is Alan playing with tails and enjoying the nice sunny weather in Quesnel at 12:44 we had to do a quick stop because our food crate fell and it spelled all over the floor. Anyway, Joel went and got me some wild flowers  in the area, so sweet. I just love all the flowers I got, it brings happiness to our place.  We drove about 430 miles from Willow's Spring RV Resort in Clinton all the way to Caron Creek RV park in Chetwynd, Briti



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