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New Years Food Preparations

I went to the store tonight and bought some stuff  that I needed for the New Years Celebration. There are few recipes on my list that I've never tried making before and there are few ingredients that I didn't know about. Before you continue reading, if you don't know me yet,  I just want to let you know that I don't cook and I'm not a drinker. I can't believe that it was such a chore going through the liquor store and finding the ones I needed. Employees were too busy and I can't get someone to help me. I am not a drinker, although I've started drinking a glass of wine after my dinner every night, just for health reasons, but I don't know anything other than the ones I've tasted. I was looking for gold tequila and triple sec for my pomegranate tequila recipe , and late harvest Riesling for jeweled grapes terrine. I have spent lots and lots of time reading through alcohol bottles just to find the ones I need.Oh boy! it was like reading ABC'

My Avalanche

Normally my husband drives me to work whenever he's home, not working, and I love it... especially when it's cold outside. Well, it was Friday the 18th of December, he asked me if I want him to drive me to work and I said no thank you I can drive my self to work. It was the first time, ever, that I said NO, but he insisted anyway. After few minutes of negotiation, I finally said Ok.. After he dropped me off, I told him to drive safe and please take care of my baby avalanche...well, not even an hour past, he called me and told me he got in an accident. He slid in to an intersection and hit other car.. Gladly, he didn't get hurt nor the driver in the other car. Anyway, the shop couldn't fix my truck until the 11th of January, because they are so booked-up, they said there are so many accidents that had happened, and of course shipping stuff from lower 48 to here takes time, lots and lots of time.. Oh well, I have no choice than to wait. The estimate for fixing my truck i

First Of Everything

Dealing with FIRST, first of everything is difficult; First Christmas, first New Year, first birthday, etc. without my Dad and also my Mother-in-law. It is difficult to find a word to describe how I felt. This verse is what my dad really was. This is my family without my dad: my Mom, Me, Marites, Santa, Merlito and Ludrigo. This picture was taken up in our farm a day after my dad's burial.  

My Goddaughter

Yes, she is my godchild...and NO, I'm not that old.. Chona is her name and she was my first godchild. She is now 15 yrs old and I was younger, than her now, when she was born..Don't ask me why her parents choose me because I can't tell you why but I'm glad that they did. She is such a sweet young lady, a well mannered person.      

Frank My Godson

So cute & adorable. He had grown so fast..

Downtown Fairbanks on Christmas

 I took these pictures after the 11pm candle light service in our church. Just random pictures of downtown Fairbanks. The Golden Heart Plaza  Fairbanks City Municipal Hall Fairbanks Court House j    

Merry Christmas

Let's not forget the reason for this season. Merry Christmas everyone, wish you peace and joy.

-22 below Zero

I woke up Saturday morning and found my iphone not working. I felt disconnected to the world. I felt empty, something's wrong, something's missing .It became a habit to me to check my messages on my iphone, first thing in the morning, before I even get up or drink my coffee (I get coffee in bed when my husband is home) or before I even thank God for the new day and for the goodnight rest..Oh it's bad, , I know it is a very bad habit. After couple hours of agony, I called the Apple customer service. I was told to just push the power button and the front button both at the same time for few second and it should restart. Yes indeed, hallelujah! it restarted and life goes on but this time I learned my lesson, I will limit my time using my iphone so that I don't get addicted to it. Anyway, Joel and I were driving around town and took some pictures. The temperature had dropped from being -40  early Saturday morning to -22 degF in the afternoon. It was still cold but the col

2009 Winter Solstice

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year. We only had 3hrs and45 minutes of daylight. There was a lot of activities that went on Downtown yesterday in celebration of the Winter Solstice and the 50th year of Statehood. Here are some pictures that I took during the fireworks display.

White Christmas

Living in Fairbanks Alaska, we don’t need to wish for white Christmas. We are guaranteed to have a white Christmas. Actually it's white outside for couple months before Christmas and few more months after. I just wish it’s Christmas all the time.


I'm so thankful for what I have. Sometimes little things that can be taken advantage. I am so thankful that I have a truck and I don't have to cross this scary bamboo bridge to get to where I'm going. I am thankful I don't have to fetch water from the well or spring. I am thankful I don't have to spend the whole day washing clothes by hand and drying it in the cloth line. I am so thankful I have a comfortable house with water and electricity in it. I am thankful for my kitchen I'm thankful for my couch. I'm thankful for my floor. and oh! I am so thankful for my bed, my comfortable bed. It's hard to imagine that I spend at least 30% of my life sleeping. yep! almost half of my life, spent sleeping.



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