Happy New Year

This is how Joel and I spent our first day of the year 2009. We watched 3 big movies: Iron Man, Hellboy II and Hulk II. Great movies, we enjoyed watching them.

Filipino New Year's Traditions

One of the tradition is to have 12 round fruits place on the table on new years eve. It signify an abundance and successful year to come and also that there will always have food in the house. I never done this before, so this will be fun to find out.

Naughty Angel

Brenda gave me the angel for Christmas then she gave me the lumps of coal (chocolate) this morning... I just don't know what is what. oh well, I guess I can be both. What the hey, I can be a naughty angel.

Something from 33 below

These are our Christmas lights outside. 12-29-08

LED Lights



The newest addition to our family, Farcom . He is 7 months old, a jack russell terrier mix. Joel adopted him from the animal shelter right on Christmas eve. Smart puppy but needs some training. 12-27-08

Clean up your mess

When you make a mess, clean it up. It's like, when you cook dinner, wash the dishes too. It was a goooooood dinner. Thank you my sweetheart.

Perfect gift

What can I say, this is sooo really me.. yep.  any objection?  A Christmas gift from my good friend who really knew me..Thanks Brenda.



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