Jan 20, 2018

Furlough due to U.S. Government Shutdown 2018

Due to US Government shutdown, I will show up to work on Monday just to get my furlough letter. I don't know how long the shutdown is and how long we'll be out of work but with below zero degrees temperature for this next week, I'll be glad to stay at home.

Jan 19, 2018

Jan 18, 2018

What temperature should we not come to work?

Last year I asked my co-worker what temperature it should be that we don't show up to work? I was told that when it's not -50゚F by 6am then we should come to work. Well, It was  -49゚F by 6:31am. It was too cold for me and for my truck so I called and stayed home. By 9 am the temp reached  -50゚F (I didn't get to capture it) but  the employees who should up at work was sent home.

Too cold that the sun looks like a moon
This was the temperature today

Jan 17, 2018

Hazardous Roads in Fairbanks Alaska in January 2018

Freezing rain last night and top it off with at least 4 inches of snow made the road very slippery and hazardous to travel. So thankful for the road crews for taking care of most of the major roads in town early this morning.

It is  23゚F  right now but about this time last year was -44゚F . Is it a global warming? Whatever it is, I love the warm weather but I don't like the hazardous roads.

 January 17,  2018   23゚F 

 January 17, 2017     -44゚F

Jan 16, 2018

Flowers at Pike Place Market

Fresh cut flowers are cheap at Pike Place Market and they are so beautiful. I would love to work in there especially
having all that flowers around me, I'll love it!