Nov 30, 2008

Colorful Weekend

My friend Halie's hand and mine. I let her paint my nails.
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Nov 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner at Jasmine's House

My cousin Jasmine and me.  This is Janice (Joel's Goddaughter) Jasmine's daughter Angelica (Clarissa's girl), Kathy (Jamine's oldest girl) lauren (the baby, Jomarie's girl) are cousins. This is my cousin Josie Jean.
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Thanksgiving Lunch @ Rose's House

From left: Joan, Joan's Mother (I forgot her name, she's new here), me, Triston, Rose and Marissa 
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This is my friend Kimberly
She loves to sing and her favorite song is "Above All"
This is Joshua my Godson. He is so cute.    


Yes indeed...I'm happy, soooo happy. Today was one of my special day. I was busy whole day. In fact, I went to work early because it was payday and also last working day of the month (for us ) we don't work tomorrow and Friday. yehey! I'm so excited. I also don't have any homework to do. 
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Nov 24, 2008

These pictures were taken from my mother-in-law's back yard in Bellingham, WA
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Nov 23, 2008


For those of you (my friends) who missed the opportunity of helping me brought my mirror home, I'm sorry.. Really, you just missed the opportunity of helping miss Lorena :)
For those of you who are sorry because you can't help, Thank You, it's the thought that count. 
I took this picture using my iphone in front of my big mirror...
I love the mirror. Brenda, if I'm late to work everyday, blame it to my mirror. 

I need help

Last July we hit a moose on our way to Homer. Luckily nothing bad happen to us and the truck was still working. This truck is park outside under a few inches of snow. It hasn't been running for few months now. We took the insurance off because we're not using it and it needs fixing plus we're paying insurance for two other vehicle.  
My friend and I went to Fred Meyer and bought a wall mirror. Unfortunately, the mirror is too big and won't fit in to my SUV. Therefore, I'm asking to all my friends who have a truck and free tomorrow to  give me a hand.. Friends, I'm giving you a chance to help the helpless :)

Birthday Party

I went to my friend's house (Eva) who hosted birthday party for 3 people. Good fellowship, good laughs, good food, but I had a bad headache. I did enjoy the party though. 
From left: Ida, Aunt Josie, Perly, me, Jean, Annalisa,  and Jasmine

Back Yard in November

I had a mixed feelings this morning when I looked outside from my bedroom window. I love seeing the snow covering everything white outside and yet I felt sad because I can't really do anything out there, it's so dang cold.. This pictures were taken from my back yard this morning. This is my glass table. I didn't get a chance to put it away before the snow fell. I need to clear the snow off of it soon or it might give in.
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Nov 20, 2008

Online friends

It's about 10:30p.m now and it's past my bed time. It took me awhile to study and took my quiz online.. Anyways, after I took the quiz, I checked my yahoo messenger  to see who's online. 3 of my friends were online, 2 of them were from overseas. I started chatting to them and I turned my webcam on ( which I haven't used for a very long time)for them to see me. I'm happy because through webcam, my godparents got to see me too. After a minute that I was on, another 3 of my friends went online. The conversations went left and right and I couldn't kept-up with them. I had a hard time answering all of their questions, I'm not even done typing my answer they've asked another question, oh gosh! I think this is what I get for not talking to them for so long. I'm a bit sad though because 1 of my friend didn't really talk to me, didn't even ask to see me on my webcam and didn't even say a simple goodbye or goodnight before went offline. Now, I'm questioning myself why? ohhh, I hate that... but oh well, life must go on...
One of the picture I took from the back yard of my mother-in law in Bellingham.

Nov 19, 2008

Good Friends

It has been awhile since we went out to lunch together. It was a good lunch and good friends. The person next to me was Bonnie (mother Bon, she adapted me, not official though because she wouldn't adapt my bills) Across Bonnie was Norma and in front of me was Terry (Terry invited me to have Thanksgiving dinner with them on Thanksgiving day. I really appreciate her inviting me, however, I'm not sure if I can make it). Last month was Norma's birthday and I totally forgot about it. See what a good friend I am..not! Anyways, this was my make up to her and I promise to be a good friend and not forget about her next year.
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Nov 17, 2008

Getting Ready

It's not even thanksgiving and I'm already wrapping Christmas gifts. And it's not even December, I'm already broke. OMG!
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Nov 15, 2008

Thank you Brenda

Being a payday Friday and my first day back to work yesterday, I went there early. But when I got there, my lights were on and my window was open. Brenda was already there waiting for me.  She was so happy seeing me back. She said that she went crazy busy (or just plain crazy) doing my job plus her job. It was hard and I know how she feels because before she was hired, I was doing the same thing for more than two months. I am blessed though and happy having her as a coworker. For the first time ever, I didn't have anything to catch-up on. She did a fine job and she did it well and not only that she also  brought me a box of donut holes and wrote this on top of the box.

Nov 13, 2008

Leaving Her

My heart breaks. She doesn't want us to go but we have no choice.  
This is Mom Jeanette, my mother-in-law.