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It's about 10:30p.m now and it's past my bed time. It took me awhile to study and took my quiz online.. Anyways, after I took the quiz, I checked my yahoo messenger  to see who's online. 3 of my friends were online, 2 of them were from overseas. I started chatting to them and I turned my webcam on ( which I haven't used for a very long time)for them to see me. I'm happy because through webcam, my godparents got to see me too. After a minute that I was on, another 3 of my friends went online. The conversations went left and right and I couldn't kept-up with them. I had a hard time answering all of their questions, I'm not even done typing my answer they've asked another question, oh gosh! I think this is what I get for not talking to them for so long. I'm a bit sad though because 1 of my friend didn't really talk to me, didn't even ask to see me on my webcam and didn't even say a simple goodbye or goodnight before went offline. Now, I'm questioning myself why? ohhh, I hate that... but oh well, life must go on...
One of the picture I took from the back yard of my mother-in law in Bellingham.

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